Turducken. Apparently that’s what my family was eating for Thanksgiving this year, inaugurating our first try at even celebrating Thanksgiving without our go-to naan and paneer butter masala. After one of the weirdest meals I have ever sat through, we vowed to never ever subject ourselves to food hybrids.

Then the cronut came along. A five dollar game-changer that brought croissant connoisseurs and donut lovers together, it was touted as the answer to all that was missing in the world. Within a week there was a line that wrapped around the store and people couldn’t get enough.

And if that wasn’t all, it spurred it’s own set of spin-offs (wonuts, anyone)? A year’s gone by and everyone’s moved on. Even the croissant’s been sneaking around on its own with its new BFF, the…muffin? The cruffin: a cross between a croissant and a muffin. It’s then next step up from the doughut muffin, and you have to try it. Why?

1. They use brioche dough. That’s like, the best type of dough.


Photo courtesy of www.fragrantica.com


2. It lives in San Francisco, which is like saying it lives in Heaven on Earth. 

Photo courtesy of www.ucsf.edu


3. It’s so popular that is has to be rationed out. 

Photo courtesy of www.tumblr.com


4. They have different flavors every day so you never know what you’re getting.

Photo courtesy of www.jessiediggins.com


5. It was created in Paris. Enough said.


Courtesy of telegraph.co.uk.

Never tried a food hybrid? Time to get started: