Coconut palm sugar is produced from the boiled and ground nectar of coconut blossoms and looks and feels similar to brown sugar. It originates from Malaysian gula Melaka, which is liquid palm sugar that is boiled and reduced from the stems of flower stalks and poured into bamboo or coconut shell molds. It has a slightly nutty and caramel flavor that has flavor notes of browned butter. If you aren't convinced to start using coconut palm sugar yet, here are five reasons why it is the best sugar alternative.

1. It's great for baking

Jordi Almeida

As mentioned, coconut palm sugar has a taste that is similar to that of browned butter. If you have never tried browned butter, you are missing out! It has an amazing level of richness that is unmatched when using plain butter; however, if you are short on time and still want to add the familiar nutty flavor of browned butter, use coconut palm sugar in your recipes. This flavor shines in chocolate chip cookie and brownie recipes.

2. It can be turned into powdered sugar

Jordi Almeida

Unlike any other white sugar alternative, coconut palm sugar can be ground to make powdered sugar. It can be used to make frosting and even macarons. Although it is extremely difficult to find powdered coconut palm sugar, it's really easy to grind if you have a food processor and is ready to use in minutes.

3. It's a 1:1 substitute ratio

Jordi Almeida

When reading a recipe that uses a white sugar, it can be easily substituted with an equal amount of coconut palm sugar. This is especially handy because other popular sugar substitutes, such as honey or agave, cannot be easily interchanged because they are liquid.

4. It's unrefined

Jordi Almeida

Plain white sugar is refined through a chemical process to remove minerals and nutrients and prolong shelf-life. Meanwhile, coconut palm sugar is unrefined and has more beneficial nutrients than refined sugar; however, it is important to note that sugar is still sugar and should be used moderately.

5. It's vegan

Jordi Almeida

White sugar and the popular sugar alternative, honey, are not vegan. White sugar is often processed with a bone char filter (shocking, I know), and honey is produced by honeybees. Fortunately, coconut palm sugar is vegan because it is extensively processed or refined.

Now that you know why coconut palm sugar is the best sugar alternative, it is time to put it to use. Make this amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe by Sally's Baking Addiction or this coconut-date power breakfast bar by Bon Appetit and forget all about processed and refined white sugar.