'Tis the season to party it up in Cabo for Spring Break. If you are looking to tone up without making drastic changes to your food and fitness habits, you're in luck. With these five simple swaps, you can improve your health and feel better both physically and mentally for the beach.

1. Trade Sweetened for Unsweetened

Excess sugar consumption has been linked to diabetes, significant weight gain and even energy loss. At Starbucks, iced coffee and teas automatically come with classic syrup (which can contain up to 48g of sugar), so be sure to ask for your drink unsweetened. 

2. Swap Dairy Milk for Almond Milk 

Kendra Valkema

Take a page out of Khloé Kardashian's book and cut back on dairy for some serious weight-loss results. Almond milk is lower in fat and calories than reduced-fat dairy milk and most brands fortify their almond milk with calcium and other vitamins, too. 

3. Skip Heavy Dressings for Fruit Juices

berry, fruit salad, salad
Danielle Cahoon

Salads can be easily made less healthy than a cheeseburger when loaded with heavy dressings filled with sugar, fat and sodium. Try dressing your salad with fruit like mandarin oranges, cranberries, or diced apples to add a natural flavor without adding hidden calories.

4. Pump Up the Protein

sauce, barbecue, chicken
Katherine Richter

Lean proteins like chicken and turkey are some of the most efficient fuels for your body. Protein is essential for building lean muscle mass (hello, toned abs) and feeling "full" after each meal. If you don't eat meat, tofu, beans, nuts and quinoa are all great sources of protein.

5. Ditch the Sugary Drinks for Flavored Water

sweet, raspberry, berry, grass
Maddie Cleeff

If you regularly drink sugary, flavored waters like Vitamin Water, ditch these enhanced drinks and flavor regular water with fresh fruit instead. You will cut out unnecessary sugar and stay better hydrated.

The same parts of our brain are used for interpreting hunger and thirst signals, so many times dehydration is confused for hunger. When you're cramming for a pre-Spring Break exam and start to feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water before rushing to the vending machine.