Summer is the time for sitting back and relaxing...with a cold drink in your hand. Swap out the usual warm flat beer for some chilled cocktails. Check out the five  ~hottest~ ready-to-drink cocktails you need to have on hand all summer long. 

Cocktail Squad

These delicious 12oz cans come in the best classic cocktail flavors such as Whiskey Sour, Bourbon Smash, and Margarita. Drink these straight from the can, or add a garnish to step up your mixology game. Pro tip: put the Margarita flavor in a blender with some ice and boom—frozen marg.  Bonus: they're perfect for anyone on a budget! You can grab a four-pack for just $20.

Clubtail Cocktails

Their motto says it all: Perfectly strong (10% ABV) and surprisingly smooth. Clubtails Cocktails in a can are some of my favorites this summer. Their classic flavors are a hit: Sex on the Beach, Screwdriver,  Bahama Mama, Long Island Iced Tea, Sunny Margarita, and Watermelon Margarita. Plus they just released two new kickass flavors: Strawberry Daiquiri and Blueberry Mojito. These cocktails come perfectly portioned in 16oz and 24oz cans, as well as 11oz six-packs and variety packs. The variety packs are a real game-changer, and perfect for any socially distant get-together. Find a store near you here.

On The Rocks Cocktails

With 6 cocktails in their lineup, each drink is perfectly partnered with some of your favorite liquor brands. There's a Knob Creek Old Fashioned, an Aviation made with Larios gin, and even a Cosmopolitan made with Effen Vodka. Plus, the bottles and packaging are beautiful so they'll look great on the 'gram. Find yours here.

Reed's® Zero Sugar Classic Mule

A craft ginger mule with zero sugar. Do we need to say more? Drink it straight from the can, or pour it in a copper mug and garnish with a lime. There's no wrong answer here. Find yours here.

Johny Bootlegger

Pucker up with sour favorites in a resealable flask. Pour some of the triple-filtered clear malt beverage now, and save some for later. My top flavors are Scarface Sour Raspberry, Ice Lemonade, and Alcatraz Sour Apple. They’re 12% ABV (10% ABV in TN and MS) and just $1.99 for a 200 ml bottle. Find yours here.

La Colombe Hard Cold Brew Coffee

Get your buzz on with these hard cold brew coffees from La Colombe. Perfect for any late-night Facetiming with the pals or if you need a little bit of the hair of the dog that bit you from the night before. Grab yours here.