Everyone has his/her sleepy, groggy moments in class – those moments where you need a little pick-me-up. But what do you do when you’re sick of those granola bars? Fear not because you’re about to be re-introduced to some great snacks that are also easy and obtainable!

Awake Chocolate


Photo courtesy of Awakechocolate.com

An excuse to eat chocolate minus the extra guilt. Packed with as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, these delicious treats will be your best bud on those tough, early mornings or late night study sessions.  It comes in both milk chocolate and caramel, and can be found at the bookstore for $2.19 a pop or in mini bites for $.69 at the Marketplace.

Rumor says the brains behind this delicious and highly appreciated concoction is working on a dark chocolate formula. Many studies claim dark chocolate increases blood flow to the brain, sharpening cognitive skills and fighting off fatigue, so imagine what a dark Awake Chocolate could do!



Photo by Gabbi Phi

If you prefer something more substantial, then grab a bowl of oatmeal to-go from the nearest dining hall.  Oatmeal is a good source of fiber. It’ll not only fill you up, but it’ll also wake you up.  Most of the dining halls have a variety of toppings to add some flavor. Raisins have always topped the oatmeal topping charts, but honey is another healthy option with the sweet, syrupy quality for some added bonus.



Photo by Julie Haupin

There’s more to this loyal fruit than its yearlong availability and deliciousness.  Bananas contain multiple nutrients that will boost your body.  The high fiber content provides a quick energy input which is maintained by the fructose in the banana. You don’t trust me? Here’s a whole article about how awesome they are so you can go bananas on them.

Greek Yogurt


Photo by Krysten Dorfman

These all time favorites are packed with protein, an essential nutrient to jump start your day with longer-lasting energy. Proteins are known for satisfactorily filling up your stomach, but greek yogurts go the extra mile with their rich, decadent texture. A recommended brand is Chobani, since every dining hall has them and they taste absolutely delicious, regardless of which flavor you pick. But Chobani isn’t the only contender; there’s a whole war going on to crown the best greek.

Orange Juice


Photo by Anastasia Yip

Since the aforementioned snacks are all solid foods to eat, it only feels right to throw in at least one liquid you can drink to wash it all down. Orange juices are good sources of Vitamin C, especially if they’re freshly squeezed. Vitamin C has always been known to decrease fatigue and also improve people’s moods, so even if you don’t want to sit through class, at least you’ll be in a good mood sipping on citric goodness. Besides, you can never have too much Vitamin C, considering it can ward off common cold and all.

Here’s my parting suggestion: if you want to get really funky, dunk pieces of banana and Awake Chocolate into oatmeal and voila! You’re basically set for three classes. But if that combo doesn’t cut it for you, try these snacks from this new food company or these great options to keep you awake and energized for your day.