I grew up loving food, which means I spent most of my time looking for the best places to grab something to eat. Obviously, my strong sweet tooth always had to be satisfied, and I was constantly on the search for the best places to grab something loaded with sugar in the area. After all, dessert doesn't go to your stomach, but to your heart, right? 

I know I just can't be the only sweet lover around. Therefore, I've decided to list my top five spots that always seem to satisfy my uber sweet cravings every single time I'm in the mood. It seems like there's an endless amount of places to choose from in this city; to get rid of that decision fatigue, here are my five go-to spots in the 305 that sell the best of the best when it comes to super sweet and deliciously sugary items.

1. Taco Bus 

Have you ever craved something sweet late at night, and then gotten sad when you realized everything is closed? Look no further, because Taco Bus has your back! With hours that cannot compete with any other restaurant and awesome desserts, there is literally no competition. The best part is that it's right across FIU's Modesto A. Maidique Campus! These sopapillas are fried dough covered in honey and cinnamon sugar. Can it get any better? They're basically fluffy clouds, and I can't complain.

2. FINKA Table & Tap 

Some may get uneasy at the thought of banana bread because it reminds them of dry and old typical grandma bread. Fortunately, that's not the case here! FINKA has turned up the heat when it comes to this famous dessert. Their banana bread will have you drooling just by looking at the picture. It's a moist (yes, I went there) chocolate chip and banana filled bread, topped with caramel and served with a side of vanilla ice cream. Now that's what I call dessert!

3. Pincho Factory 

This one's a must try that not too many people know about! Anybody obsessed with cheesecake? This dessert is a banana cheesecake wrapped in dough, then fried and served with a chocolate and condensed milk drizzle. I'll take like seventy, please. (I guess at this point you could say I'm a banana lover.)

4. The Salty Donut  

Are you really from Miami if you have not held one of these and devoured them in approximately a minute after taking a cute picture outside of the Wynwood Walls? Relatable, am I right? With such a wide variety, there's something here for everyone. Every month, The Salty Donut releases new out of this world flavors that are so drool worthy, you might want to be careful. My favorite is the maple bacon donut which combines the sweet and salty aspect and works perfectly. But if you're in to try something new, they've got all kinds of exotic flavors (like jalapeño and corn!), and if they don't...try coming back in a week; there'll be something new waiting for you!

5. Night Owl Cookie Co.

Calling all cookie lovers! Ever had the biggest desire for a warm chocolate chip cookie with a cold, chilly glass of milk at one AM? You need to try Night Owl. With a plethora of options for any cookie fanatic, it's impossible to find one you don't like. Every so often they also release new flavors, which helps keep the store super unique and interesting. For a first-timer, the birthday cake cookie is a great way to embark on your sweet cookie journey into Night Owl heaven!

Ultimately, these are just a handful of locations that I love to visit to find amazing desserts that aren't too far from campus. Whether it's two PM or twelve AM, I'm sure you'll be satisfied with this list of options to choose from. What'll be the first place you go to the next time you have a sweet tooth? Let me know!