Being in college often means being on a budget. Thankfully, there are lots of budget-friendly places to get a delicious and satisfying lunch on campus at UW-Madison. These places are generally only open during lunchtime hours, but they're so good that you'll find yourself prioritizing a visit.

#1: Saffron Mediterranean Street Food at Discovery Sciences

Saffron is a mediterranean meal spot inside of the Discovery building, offering a variety of different delicious meal combination options. Choose your base, protein, salad, and dips/sauces. I come here at least once a week for a quick and easy lunch on campus-- it's that good! Saffron takes Wiscard, which is an added plus. It also offers halal and vegan options. 

My order: Falafel with half greens and half couscous, hummus, tabouli and lemon-tahini sauce.

Visit Saffron at 330 N. Orchard St., open Monday through Friday from 11 am-2pm.

#2: Buraka Ethiopian Food Pop-Up in Union South

Move over, Harvest Grains (for now, at least). Buraka has temporarily opened up in Harvest Grain's spot in Union South. Focusing on 5 amazing Ethiopian dishes, Buraka caters to both meat-lovers and vegetarians/vegans alike. It's the same menu as Buraka's food cart that is usually on State St. Each dish comes with a choice of rice or injera, an Ethiopian staple that is essentially a light and airy sourdough flatbread (I highly recommend it).

Visit Buraka at Union South, open Monday through Friday from 11 am-2:30 pm. Buraka accepts Wiscard as well.

#3: Carte at Memorial Union

Carte offers sandwiches and customizable salads, and it's a great place to go when you're wanting something healthy and also want to use your Wiscard. It is one of my favorite places to get lunch on campus because it's healthy and fast, and the combinations are endless. Pro tip: get a large salad because they add a more reasonable amount of toppings-- more bang for your buck.

Visit Carte at Memorial Union Monday through Friday, 10:30 am- 3 pm.

#4: Strada at Memorial Union

If you're in the mood for pizza and/or pasta, Strada is your go-to destination. Strada offers customizable pizzas, pastas and piadinas, and the possibilities are endless. They offer gluten-free pizza crust, too. And if you're vegan, Strada makes it easy to adjust the food to your eating habits. Strada is always a yummy option. When I come to Strada, I always go with the pizza. Who wouldn't want a fresh, wood-fired pizza?

Visit Strada at Memorial Union, open 7 days a week.

#5: Chazen Cafe at The Chazen Museum of Art

The Chazen Cafe is quaint and cute, serving coffee and small treats. The cafe sits off of the entrance to the Chazen Museum, so it's a great excuse to see some art and grab a cup of coffee. The cafe is all windows, so it makes for a great place to sit and enjoy your coffee, do some work and people watch.

Visit the Chazen Cafe at The Chazen Museum, open 7 days a week (hours vary).