Standing in the dining hall line gets old, and well, on some days it just gets downright tedious. Waiting 10 minutes in a line for a lunch you are probably going to eat even faster than you waited to get it is sort of ridiculous. Often, many of us may not even have enough time to go to the dining hall between classes just because of how long the lines can get. There is an easy fix to this epidemic: make delicious, quick snacks in your dorm room that you can grab and take to your class to eat. Try making these simple snacks in your dorm room and make everyone waiting 10 minutes in line for crusty chicken nuggets jealous.

1. Frozen Yogurt-Covered Fruit


Photo by Niab Mian 

This is something you can easily make the night before a busy day. Simply pair your favorite fruit with your favorite yogurt flavor, and pop it in the freezer. A really good pairing is red or green grapes with vanilla yogurt. This is a tasty, easy snack to make that is perfect to snack on during a long lecture. Craving more? Click here for the recipe.

2. Granola Bars


Photo by Paris Soraya

I know you are probably thinking – how can someone possibly make good, quality granola bars in their dorm room? Actually, it’s quite simple as long as you have a freezer and a microwave in your room. Making your own granola bars is a better, much healthier option over a pre-packaged brand.

3. Mini Pudding Parfaits


Photo by Katherine Richter

Parfaits are a yummy indulgence, and a quick way to boost your energy when you are feeling a bit sleepy before class. A delicious way to make this treat is to layer vanilla pudding, crushed vanilla wafers, and sliced bananas, or any fruit of choice, in a Dixie cup.

Love bananas, but they brown too fast? Check out this awesome article to find out how to make your bananas last forever (or pretty darn close.)

4. Trail Mix


Photo by Tiare Brown

Making your own trail mix guarantees that you like everything in it and that you will not waste anything — you’ll be munching on every last bite. Combine an assortment of nuts for protein, fruit for energy, and a candy to soothe your sweet tooth craving.

5. Cucumber Slices and Hummus


Photo by Gabby Phi

Swap the chips and dip for the healthier option of cucumbers and hummus. Not a cucumber fan? Use any veggie you please. With an assortment of hummus flavors — we recommend Sabra’s roasted garlic and sun dried tomato — you’re bound to find one you love.