It's another stressful day in college and you're debating dropping out for the twentieth time that day. We've all been there. Before you decide to throw away all your hard work, consider trying some new relaxation methods to help you de-stress and unwind:

1. Turn on a chill playlist

There's something about cozying up in bed while listening to music that relaxes me like nothing else does. I have a playlist for just about every mood and am constantly playing something throughout the day. My most stressful days have been saved by midday music sessions. So clear your head, turn up the volume, and check out for a little.

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Julia Liu

2. Drink a cup of tea

Warm tea is a necessity when I'm trying to relax. It instantly puts me in a mindset of peace. If you aren't a fan of tea, opt for another hot drink. 

tea, green tea

3. Stretch

This might seem a little strange but hear me out. Throw on some meditation music, close your eyes, and do a few basic stretches. Stretching allows for built up tension to be released in the body which could lead to a happier, less stressed you. Give it a try and take to the internet to find poses for all levels of flexibility.

beer, tea, coffee
Kate Spitler

4. Turn on some mood lighting

At the end my day, I love to light my favorite candle and turn on my salt lamp. The lamp glows an infectious, warm shade of red and gives off the perfect amount of light while I'm relaxing. String lights also provide a nice ambiance.

Shirley Luo

5. Meditate

If you haven't heard about the benefits of meditation by now you're missing out. Beginners can listen to guided meditations on Youtube or listen to podcasts. Bonus: This one can be done while stretching if you're pressed for time.

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Julia Gilman

Picture this: Dimmed lights, music softly playing, the scent of your favorite candle filling your room, closing your eyes while stretching and meditating- doesn't that sound like the perfect night?  

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