So your vegan friend convinced you to get hummus. Inspired by all the health benefits of chickpeas you just learned about, you stroll to the grocery store and pick up some the savory dip and pita chips or make it yourself. Eventually, you run out of pita chips and the tub of hummus sits in your fridge for a couple of days. With the expiration date quickly coming up, you begin to panic. Fear not, waste not, I’ve got you covered.

1. Sandwich Spread


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One of the most important parts of a sandwich is the spread. It provides a nice, flavorful layer to protect the bread from getting soggy, according to Food Network. Spicy brown mustard is great but it gets redundant. Mayonnaise is for weirdos, so why not slap some hummus on that sammich?

2. Wraps


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Hummus isn’t only limited to falafel. There is a world of savory wraps that go beyond fried basil and chickpea balls. Check out this hummus, chicken, and roasted bell pepper wrap here.

3. Hummus Pizza

courtesy of Natural Noshing

Photo courtesy of Natural Noshing

In the land where all is good and well, there is a pizza restaurant that goes by the name of Lazy Moon; there, the only thing bigger than the slices is the flavor. They offer a hummus base that sits on warm pita bread topped with tomato, basil, and mozzarella. If you think you can create a better recipe, maybe you can take a little inspiration from Natural Noshing’s pizza,.

4. Salad

Check out this video for a delicious healthier arugula option.


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Still doesn’t tickle your fancy? Try out Spoon University’s own fresh salad recipe.

5. Deviled Eggs


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Think deviled eggs are for old people? This recipe will definitely change your mind.