There’s no doubt that the Millennial generation is obsessed with food. We love taking pictures of our food just as much as we love to eat it. We follow countless foodstagrams and hashtag “food porn” on more posts than not. All of this food love has actually made us quite a knowledgable generation when it comes to food.

Beyond our clever “dorm-room” snacks and dinner hacks, we’re up to date on national restaurant industry news, follow the latest food trends and are incredibly conscious of how the food industry affects national health and the environment. If you’re a Millennial that has an uncontrollable hunger for all things food related, here are five must reads to fuel your continued passion.

1. The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan

Must Reads

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If there’s anyone you need to know about in the food industry, it’s Michael Pollan. A New York Times best selling author and James Beard Award winner, Michael is the man to consult on all things food related. The Omnivore’s Dilemma is one of Michael’s most revolutionary works. He tackles the seemingly simple question of “what should we eat for dinner?” by tracing the food we consume from its source to the dinner table. In doing so, The Omnivore’s Dilemma reveals the important implications of our food intake, both on our bodies and the environment.

2. Salt Sugar Fat, Michael Moss

Must Reads

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Did you know that each year the average American consumes 33 pounds of cheese? Did you also know that we consume double the recommended amount of salt per day? In Salt Sugar Fat, New York Times Best Selling author Michael Moss deconstructs nutrition labels to reveal the disturbing reality of today’s American diet: we are addicted to salt, sugar and fat-but we aren’t entirely to blame for these addictions. In this book, Michael takes us inside processed food labs and factories to show that food scientists have discovered “bliss points” of salty, sugary and fatty processed foods that keep us addicted to them.

3. American Wasteland, Jonathan Bloom

Must Reads

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With hundreds of thousands of people going hungry everyday in the U.S., it’s difficult to comprehend that food waste is such a prevalent issue. In American Wasteland, Jonathan Bloom explains how and why Americans waste the amount of food they do, and the consequences it is creating for our nation. Not only is it an ethical issue, but also an environmental one, as most of the food being wasted in the U.S. is completely edible.

4. Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain" src="" alt="Must Reads" width="670" height="448" />

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If there’s one person in the food industry that’s seen it all, it’s Anthony Bourdain. From his drug-filled days working as a cook in Provincetown, MA to his TV debut with A Cook’s Tour, Bourdain has had a colorful experience in the food industry. What really took off his career however, was his first book, Kitchen Confidential. In this memoir, Bourdain gives us a raw, hilarious taste of the restaurant business during his twenty-plus years as a chef.

5. Food: A Love Story, Jim Gaffigan

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You may be wondering why a book by a comedian is on this list. Well if you’re a fan of Jim Gaffigan, then you know that his love for food knows no bounds. Food: A Love Story is the second book the comedian has written about his love for his family and food. His first book, Dad is Fat, shares his experiences raising (and feeding) a family of five children with his wife. In Food: A Love Story, Gaffigan takes his passion to the next level by discussing his relationship with food (with a special emphasis on hot pockets) throughout his lifetime.

If you’re interested in national health issues, food waste, the restaurant business or just love food enough to read a few hundred pages about it, check out these must reads!