It's Sunday. The time of tailgate is upon us. David Gomez, an avid Redskins fan, gears up for the game he's been looking forward to the whole week. The anticipation even yielded a separate room just for the game and football viewing necessities. Gomez turns on the pre-game show as he begins his preparation of hosting his football guests. In his quest to be the best host, there are five things that are essential to have the best football viewing party.

1. Nachos with shredded beef and jalapeños

vegetable, pepper, corn, chili, sauce, salsa, guacamole, nachos
Alex Weiner

During any part of the game, the anticipation or anxiousness of a single play could make the calmest minds jittery. That means  quick hands will be reaching for some kind of food to snack on nervously. Nachos are the simplest and perfect snack for your guests for this occasion. Try these nacho recipes that will satisfy any hardcore football fan. 

2. Wings on wings on wings  

chicken, sauce, chicken wings
Monica Mellon

When nachos don't fill the empty void of a losing team, there's nothing like drowning your sorrows in wings that'll make your night feel like a winning Sunday. Take this quiz to find out what wing flavor you are so you can try them at the next game. 

3. Drink up.

ice, water
Jeffrey Ho

What obviously pairs with the excitement of watching a football game? Screeching and hollering at the screen. That's why you must have a variety of drink options for your guests be it juice or soda.

4. Potato Skins  

cheese, ravioli
Audrey Mirabito

The most delicious snack you and your guests will feed on are these must-haves right here. They're easy to make and they'll be gone in seconds. Try these guacamole loaded sweet potato skins if you want to really impress your guests. 

5. Enthusiasm and strong support for your team 

Nobody likes to sit in a quiet room. And no one likes to be that guy who starts screaming at the TV screen to tell a player to run faster or chase down a guy. Therefore, be the middle-individual that cheers on his/her team with enthusiasm and passion.

When it all boils down, it's about having fun with your family and friends. Sunday is for forgetting the anticipated piles of work awaiting on Monday, for sitting back and escaping to a world of delicious food and entertainment, and for preparing the greatest experience for your guests. Football isn't about just yards and touchdowns anymore. On Sundays, its finding the time to sit with family, friends and loved ones to watch one of America's favorite past times. 

Spoon Tip: When there isn't the strength to host a party, Stubhub always has viewing parties for your favorite teams right here.