If you've never heard of the new YouTube trend known as "mukbangs", you're about to discover a whole new black hole of videos to binge watch. This South Korean phenomenon where people binge-eat mass amounts of food in front of a live stream for viewers to watch has been around since 2011, but mukbang channels have just recently begun racking up the views on Youtube.

With so many different personalities and styles within the mukbang community, I've curated a list of five different channels that range across the spectrum of the varying types. Be ready to free up an hour or even a whole weekend.


With over 400K subscribers, this Korean-American YouTuber creates what I think of as "classic" mukbang videos. Many of her videos begin with her showing how to cook popular Korean recipes and following up by eating it while casually chatting to the audience. 

If you love watching cooking videos, I highly suggest you check out her channel. You'll be amazed at how entertained you can be by just watching a single girl cooking and eating a meal fit for four in her tiny kitchen.

2. Erik TheElectric

If you're a fan of crazy food challenge videos, Erik TheElectric is a must watch. He takes challenges to the extreme such as elevating the original "10,000 calorie challenge" to 50,000 calories. I find these kinds of videos a little hard to digest since I feel sick just watching the consumption of so much food, but if you enjoy watching things like one guy taking on 10 Chipotle burritos, check him out.

3. MommyTang

This one goes out to all my fellow vegans; MommyTang is no different when it comes to the casual sit-down eating videos other than being plant-based. Her videos showcase the side of veganism that most people don't understand, the side that allows you to still gorge on fast food and other comfort foods.

Her videos are very personable as she often tells stories from her past experiences and even has her kids and friends make frequent appearances. 

4. Matt Stonie

Another channel for all you extreme challenge lovers out there. I know I mentioned I usually find it hard watching these kinds of videos, but the ambition of this guy actually astounds me more than anything. I just find it crazy that he often manages to actually finish everything he sets out to. I don't know if I'd particularly choose "impressive" as a word to describe his accomplishments, but I do admit they are.

5. Wendy's Eating Show

This girl knows how to take regular foods to the next level. Popular for her videos on Hot Cheetos encrusted foods, Wendy's videos are a great go-to for the times you find yourself craving extreme junk food. I'm not even a fan of Hot Cheetos but I find myself watching all the videos in this series as I find them so inventive and intriguing. 

I don't mind if you blame me for the reason your next midterm grades aren't as high as you hoped, but hopefully you're also thanking me for providing you with a new source of endless entertainment. These mukbang channels might not be for everyone, but I definitely think there are a fair few of you out there who will find extreme enjoyment from them.