Summer is less than halfway over. We still have many more long days on the beach in the horizon, but we are easily all spending our short nights dreaming of the Main Street meals that await us. Here are the first 5 meals, of many, that we will be eating as soon as we step back on campus.

1. NBD Bacon Egg and Cheese


Photo by Caroline Grew

Rainbow or not, NDB holds a special place in all of our hearts. We might not even want to wait for the first Saturday morning to gulf down the greasiest but most delicious bagel sandwich on Main Street. I wonder if calling two months ahead would be overkill or just a clever way around the long line.

2. Insomnia Cookie


Photo by Erin Grady

No more beach bodies to worry about means time for late night Insomnia Cookies every night for at least the first week back. Nothing says college more than carbo loading with sugar treats that get delivered from a car that’s well a little sketchy.  The only question is whether to decide on a single flavor to celebrate your return to UD or if you can manage one of each.

3. El Diablo Burrito Bowl


Photo courtesy of @crazel6 on Instagram

Every city has a Chipotle, but only UD has El Diablo.You can load your burrito bowl with as many toppings and combinations as you like, which is more than Chipotle has to say. The first few days back are bound to be ideal as freshman don’t even bother to go that far down the road.

4. Grottos Pizza


Photo by: Caroline Grew

I’m not even twenty one, but I miss walking past the busy bar that encompasses all that UD is. A slice of pizza will be sure to comfort freshman after their first dage, while another summer over also means another summer closer to joining those in the long line stretching into Saladworks.

5. Kate’s Nachos


Photo By Casey Irwin

We all easily blew through our summer job money just as fast as we made it, so half priced anything will be just what everyone needs. With classes starting on a Tuesday, half priced nachos at Kate’s will kick off syllabus week in the only way that Blue Hens would ever want.

Food is just one of many things to be missed about UD, but before we know it we’ll all be stuffed and wishing we didn’t have four papers due in a week.