If there’s one thing millennials are great at, it’s taking pictures of food. Over the past few years, food Instagram accounts have been popping up and generating thousands of hungry followers hoping to live vicariously through their drool-worthy pics. Although many are staying constant, the most popular Instagram subjects have changed throughout the years. We all remember the time when a thing such as latte art and cupcakes were all the rage.

While there’s no denying that the food Instagram movement has emerged for the better, there are some food pic trends that are just so over-the-top that it makes one wonder who is actually eating these absurd creations. So here’s a list of five food pic trends that need to go before ringing in the new year:

1. Doughnut Sandwiches

When in the mountains…. Homemade Krispy Kreme B.E.C. ??

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While certain doughnut sandwiches are pure genius (we’re looking at you ice cream doughnut sandwich), once you add meat, it crosses the line. Is it lunch or dessert? Who knows, but doughnuts need to learn to stick to the status quo (thanks, High School Musical).

2. S’mores on ERRYTHANG

The fries tried to #ketchup but got @stickysfingerjoint ?? #LD?

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I’m not going to be the person to hate on s’mores ’cause, I mean, I’m the first person to succumb to ordering anything with the word s’more in it. Just using the word in a caption guarantees 100 plus likes.

But recently, they have rampaged news feeds everywhere. Not only regular s’mores, or various s’mores flavored desserts, but s’mores on fries, bacon, and other meaty, salty delicacies. If you want to pimp your s’mores the right way, do it like this.

3. Over-Stuffed Bagels

These days, it seems people are trying to cram as many foods and flavors into their bagels as possible. Thanks to Tompkins Square Bagels, Instagram is jam-packed with cookie dough and everything-but-the-kitchen-sink filled bagels. Bagels are meant for breakfast, not to be filled to capacity with marshmallow fluff and candy bars.

4. Ramen Noodles

First there was the ramen burger, but now there is the ramen everything. We’ve seen everything from ramen fries and ramen doughnuts, to ramen pizza and just plain fried ramen. Let’s leave these instant noodles for broke college students and stop incorporating them into every food possible.

5. Avocado Toast

Avocado toast ? Credit: @food_international_inc #newforkcity

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Okay, let’s get one thing straight: avo toast is the bomb. It’s a healthy, delicious option for any meal. But… It has been in the spotlight for far too long and there are only so many ways you can make it look unique and innovative. At the end of the day, it will always be a staple in the average Instagrammer’s diet, so this one may not be as easy of a habit to kick.

I think we can all say that these ridiculous and repetitive food pics would not be missed from our news feeds if they decided to jump off the face of social media soon…. But until then, happy foodstagramming.