Over the years, social media has gained the reputation of a place that broadcasts unrealistic body standards, ideals of beauty, lifestyles, and conceptions of success. We all know exactly what I'm talking about, and we've all experienced it one way or another. It makes us feel inferior, fosters a negative self-image, degrades our self-esteem and diminishes our body-positivity.

However, influencers who promote positive body-image are quickly gaining popularity amongst followers of all ages. This is because we would all rather see real and imperfect pictures of people who look like us, and not some highly edited images of people who appear to have it all. These body-positive women shed a light into the world of confidence and self-love, while teaching us that each of our bodies is beautiful and worthy, no matter what shape, size, gender, or race we are. 

1) @chessieking

I discovered Chessie about a year ago and instantly fell in love with her account and what she stands for. Chessie is a London-based presenter, workout enthusiast, and body-positivity spreader who focuses sharing her energy and happiness with the world. She is a literal ray of sunshine! 

She also recently designed and released her own activewear line. One of my favorite posts she makes is her weekly "What Strangers Say About Me " Instagram videos that involve her confronting the hateful things people say by turning it into a positive and comical experience. Each episode ends with a little song and dance where she proclaims, "I don't care what you think about me!" I highly suggest watching them because they are guaranteed to make you smile. 

2) @jessicajanaee

As her Instagram bio states, "Bod positive BOSS mom of 2," Jessica Janae perfectly embodies what a powerful woman looks like. Jessica's Instagram is filled with her beautiful photography, gorgeous little girls, fitness routines, body-positive messages, and outfit inspirations. Her Instagram stories are my all-time favorite because it's where she shares all of her insight on what it means to be body-positive and the struggles that come with it. I relate to nearly everything she says, and I bet you will too! I also love how she is such an amazing role model for her daughters and has instilled in them the importance of self-love from an early age.

3) @choosingchelsea

Chelsea is a mom, registered nurse, and self-acclaimed "Self Love Queen" who makes the decision to choose herself every single day (hence her Instagram handle "@choosingchelsea"). She is an inspiration to all who follow her. She empowers others to choose themselves too through her honesty about self-love and the emotions that come with it. 

4) @fittybritttty

Britney is a blogger and Instagram influencer that addresses all things Health & Wellness while crushing all fitness influencer stereotypes. Her journey first started over 6 years ago when she made the decision to transform her life and lost 85+ pounds. You can learn more about her weight loss journey on her blog. Her Instagram is bright and colorful, and she typically shares a variety of tips for finding balance and confidence in all areas of life.

5) @jameelajamilofficial

I first discovered Jameela Jamil after watching The Good Place several months ago. Little did I know that apart from being a great actress, she is also making tremendous strides in the feminism world, starting her very own movement called "I Weigh." I Weigh is a movement for us to feel valuable and worthy beyond the flesh on our bones, essentially a revolution against shame, as Jameela describes it. On the I Weigh Youtube Channel, she promotes messages of body-positivity, body image, and acceptance through open discussions with familiar faces such as Sam Smith.

I hope seeing these body-positive influencers uplifts your spirits that may or may not have been diminished by the negative aspects of social media. I hope you let their posts inspire and motivate you to a place of self-love and acceptance, just like I have.