#Foodporn is a thing which fascinates many of us. Today, with the help of social media, a brigade of foodies is taking over the world of food blogging and expressing their love and passion for it through their blogs.

Some of these food bloggers have got me glued for a very long time now. Here I must say, in an era when Google can find any recipe we desire in seconds, these foodies are taking things to another level.

So now, I list five of my favourite Indian food bloggers. Coincidently, all of them are ladies – because #girlpower, right?

1. Sugar And Spice By Radhika

Radhika Malhotra started this blog in December 2013, and there has been no looking back since then. Be it her No Bake Nutella Cheesecake or Curried Hummus And Avocado Roll, one just can’t stop craving them. Also I must not forget to mention that the measurements she prescribes for all these recipes are always bang on. You have to check her blog out if, like me, you too are a fan of good food photography.

2. Playful Cooking

This is a blog started by Kankana, who proudly says that easy effortless cooking is her mantra and she tries to bring that out in her recipes. Kankana believes in creating memories with every meal and showcasing the same through her blog, which she started in 2011. A few of my favourite recipes are Mughlai Parantha and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.

3. The Dessert Project

The girl behind this blog, Gayatri, is comparatively new to the world of food blogging. But the drool-worthy pictures and recipes she posts can’t be missed. A ‘bake-a-holic’ is synonymous with who she is and any ingredient that catches her eye becomes a springboard for creativity. My personal favourite is her Vanilla Chocolate Cake…you must check it out too! 

4. Passionate About Baking

Deeba Rajpal – a passionate baker as her blog name suggests, started this blog with the mantra ‘bake from scratch’, and has been doing wonders since then. Her Mishti Doi Baked Cheesecake will get you drooling instantly.

5. Gluttony Goddess

Unlike the rest of the bloggers on the list, Gunjan’s blog ‘Gluttony Goddess’ is not about recipes, but you need to follow her to have details about all the restaurants and food festivals in town.

She believes that food is her guilty pleasure and likes to be on some gastronomic adventure all the time. And trust me, if she has approved a restaurant, you’ve got to give it a try.