I used to think that I couldn’t live without ice cream. But as my body began to be sensitive to dairy, I had to turn to ice cream alternatives to get the same level of satisfaction that I got from real ice cream. Unfortunately, there are only so many Halo Top flavors and other commercially-available alternatives out there, which means that I have to make my own.

Making my own ice cream felt intimidating. I didn’t know where to begin. To help myself and others with the struggle of searching for healthy ice cream, I found 5 easy-to-make ice cream alternative recipes. 

1. The Classic Frozen Banana Ice Cream

The frozen banana ice cream is such a useful alternative. Once you have the bananas frozen, the making process takes five minutes

2. Paleo Nutella Banana Ice Cream

This Nutella banana ice cream recipe is Paleo-friendly. Two ingredients are required: Paleo Nutella and frozen bananas. Making the Paleo Nutella takes a little extra time, but it will be worth your while.

3. Strawberry Ice Cream

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If you're in a fruity mood, this strawberry ice cream recipe may be just what you're looking for. The main ingredients are coconut milk and strawberries, and you can add optional toppings if you want

4. Avocado Ice Cream

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Try this avocado ice cream recipe if you want to be really healthy. All you need are avocados, coconut milk and a blender, and you're ready to roll.

5. Greek Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream

Frozen fruit of your choice, plain Greek yogurt, and possibly honey are the only ingredients you need for this refreshing treat. Blend everything together, and you've got healthy dessert in two easy steps.

Now Go Make Ice Cream

Using frozen fruit or frozen yogurt for homemade ice cream may seem obvious, but it's helpful to have these recipes to get you started. Sensitive to dairy or not, you should try out these five ice cream alternatives at home - they'll leave you feeling healthy but also satisfied after resisting that tub of Ben & Jerry's.