I would be lying if I said mayonnaise didn’t freak me out. This aversion started out as an irrational one — I hadn’t exactly tried it, but it wasn’t something I was excited to try. As I grew older, I realized my distaste for mayonnaise wasn’t so irrational after all: mayonnaise is extremely unhealthy.

Just one tablespoon of mayonnaise is loaded with calories, fat, and salt — and nothing of nutritional value. Instead of reaching for that goopy white stuff, use these healthy substitutes for mayonnaise instead.

Greek Yogurt


Photo by Justin Schuble

You probably didn’t know this about your Greek yogurt, but it’s an excellent substitute for fattening mayonnaise. It also contains protein and calcium, giving you nutritional value that’s lacking in mayo. This versatile food can be used in salads or as a substitute for sandwich spreads. If it’s low-fat Greek yogurt, it’s even better.

Mashed Avocado


Photo by Gabby Phi

Mashed avocado can be used beyond basic avocado toast. Instead of spreading mayo on your next sandwich, used mashed avocado instead. Often called “nature’s butter,” avocados add a unique flavor without adding too many calories. Avocados are high in monounsaturated fats (the good kind, don’t worry) and vitamins, which doesn’t hurt either.



Photo by Kim Buesser

Hummus isn’t just a mate for pita chips. Chickpeas are essentially a superfood that provide Vitamin B6 and are easy to digest (which is always a plus). Either stick with the classic hummus, or try any flavor variety to spice up your next dish. However, pay attention to the sodium in order to make this a worthwhile swap.



Photo by Monica Cheng

Mustard has been part of the sandwich condiment game for years, so show it some love instead of reaching for the mayo. With tons of varieties available, you’ll forget mayo even exists. Beware of honey mustard: it has twice the calories of yellow or brown mustard.

Cottage Cheese


Photo by Tess Wei

Cottage cheese is white and creamy, but don’t confuse it with mayo — it has way more nutritional value. Cottage cheese contains no cholesterol and beats mayo in the protein category. This creamy spread can be used in your favorite salad as if mayonnaise doesn’t even exist.