I am a walking contradiction. I am a self-proclaimed health nut, but I also have the biggest sweet tooth. I love to cook and bake. When I have the time to do so, I am an avid reader. When you add all of these characteristics together, you get a healthy-dessert-blog-obsessed college student. I can't stop thinking about food.

Reading health food blogs has become a part of my daily routine. I check on these five sites multiple times a day. These healthy dessert blogs will leave your mouth-watering and may inspire you to whip out your dusty spatula and run to the kitchen and finally try that cake in a mug recipe that you've ben meaning to try for years. 

1. Hummusapien

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Corinne Odom

I can't even. So what if that is one of the most basic phrases ever? I just don't have words for this site. Hummusapien can keep me busy for hours. The author of the blog, the chickpea queen herself, Alexis, is a registered dietician and her recipes are delicious. If you are anything like me and love anything and everything, make sure to check out some of her recent posts featuring everyone's favorite fall food and flavor. 

2. Chocolate Covered Katie

chocolate, cookie, cake, dough, pastry, chocolate chip cake, cream
Kelsey Cahill

Chocolate Covered Katie will leave your mouth drooling and craving something sweet. If you can eat dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this is the blog for you. Katie's treats and recipes are decadent, easy to follow, and use healthier substitutions for ingredients. Who knew that drained chickpeas could be substituted for whipped cream, and taste amazing? Two of my favorite recipes are for her Peanut Butter Bliss Balls. 

3. The Big Man's World

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Corinne Odom

It's hard being a college student and finding time to cook. Sometimes you don't want to go food shopping or don't want to own up to the fact that you don't know the last time you went to the supermarket. If you're looking to make something with the ingredients in your refrigerator, The Big Man's World blog will be right up your alley.

Want to cook something right now with the three random ingredients you have left in your fridge? I suggest the blog's famous three-ingredient healthy fudge brownies as a starting point. Arman, who runs the blog, has recipes for everything and they're easy for college students to make too. 

4. Ambitious Kitchen

chocolate, cookie, sweet, pastry, cake
Christine Chang

Do you crave cookies after your last class every day of the week like I do? Thankfully, the Ambitious Kitchen has you covered. Since I love banana-flavored everything, I highly recommend Monique's staple recipe for healthy chocolate chip banana bread zucchini oatmeal cookies. They are to die for. 

5. Dessert For Two 

sweet, chocolate, candy, doughnut, pastry, cake, sweetmeat, cream, cookie, sprinkles, goody
Caroline Grew

This year, I live in a dorm with one roommate, and thankfully we are both madly obsessed with healthy dessert blogs. This blog was practically made for us. From delicious doughnuts to delectable personal cakes, Dessert For Two is filled with tons of recipes that definitely keep the two of us busy and hungry.  

There are a lot of health food trends, and food blogs are the gateway to discovering them all. Warning: if you start searching online, you may be sucked into their yummy Instagrams, Snapchats, and Facebook pages. But one thing I can promise: we won't judge if you spend hours on these blogs too.