After our first year of college, we kind of got the hang of what foods to buy for our fridge. The tricky part was that we wanted our favorite treats from home, however they had to be small enough to fit in our mini fridges. Our biggest fear was that whatever we bought wouldn't be able to fit, and we would be forced to use the dreaded community refrigerator. We have narrowed down our list to five fridge must-haves to help those who love snacking.  

1. Cheese

Cheese is easily one of out top five fridge must-haves. If we didn't have cheese in our fridge, we would starve. The type of cheese you get is totally up to you, but if you need some guidance, the directors will let you in on their top picks:

Serena- Vermont White Cheddar (Sharp)

Ashley- Port wine

Charlotte- Colby Jack

Emily- American

You can't really go wrong with cheese, so pick your favorite and stock up! We also recommend that you buy crackers to go along with your cheese for a satisfying midnight snack. Another tip is to use one of your hardcover text books as a cutting board for your cheese. If you don't feel like storing blocks of cheese in your fridge, string cheese works too!

2. Director of Marketing: Serena's Pick- Soup

coffee, tea
Serena Morin

My mom always makes me her homemade soups and then puts them in a Tupperware so I can store them in my fridge. My favorite is pastina noodles with beef broth. I also keep beef broth stocked in my fridge so that when I heat up my soup it doesn't get dry. Sometimes for an extra treat I even top it off with shredded cheese. Having my mom's soups during the winter always makes me feel warm and cozy while I'm away at school, making it one of my fridge must-haves. Hey, it beats ramen noodles any day!

3. Editorial Director: Charlotte's Pick- Fla·Vor·Ice

Ashley Longo

I think it is safe to say that we all grew up eating these yummy popsicles every summer. These frozen treats are sold in a huge box that is super inexpensive and lasts for ages so they're perfect for us broke college kids. There are also tons of flavors so everyone can find a pop that will hit the spot. The only downside: the evil plastic wrapper that cuts the corners of your mouth (but don't worry, they're totally worth it).

4. Director of Photography: Ashley's Pick- Waffles

chocolate, sweet, cream, cake, pastry, candy, waffle
Aoife Leogue

Waffles are a fun late night snack that are often overlooked; plus, they're so easy to make! All you have to do is walk to the kitchen, toss them in the oven for a few minutes and you're good to go. Personally, I get chocolate chip waffles because who doesn't crave chocolate? Another thing I love about waffles is there are so many topping choices: peanut butter, Nutella, whipped cream, ice cream, fruit, or if you're like me, stolen butter from the dining hall. 

5. Management Director: Emily's Pick- Cold Cuts

Ashley Longo

Sometimes you need a little more than a light snack and cold cuts are the perfect fix to that problem. The versatility cold cuts allow you make them one of my fridge must-haves. From roll-ups to sandwiches, cold cuts can always satisfy your cravings. I usually buy turkey, salami, cheese and whatever else Star Market has on sale. Cold cuts are inexpensive, super filling, and much healthier than typical dorm room snacks.