Being a vegetarian at school can be hard. It can feel like you are eating the same salad over and over or getting stuck only eating grilled cheese and fries. Read below to find hacks that will make eating veggie much easier on meal plan!

1. Put veggie burgers, chick peas, pasta, or other veggies in your salad

Photo by Abigail Salesky

Sometimes its hard to spice up salads at Frank and it can feel like every day you are eating the same thing. One trick is to add other veggies, veggie burgers, or even pasta into the salad from the other areas. This can add some heartiness and can also make it less monotonous.

2. Eggs!

Photo by Max Bartick

I have eggs almost every day because they are a super easy and reliable way to get protein. My personal favorite is an egg over easy with spinach. In addition, you can put any type of egg in a salad to add some protein.

3. Veggie Ed Burger

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Sometimes going frunking as a vegetarian can be disappointing. The fries can be lacking and why get pizza when you could’ve just gone to Slices? Don’t fret my friends, there is a cure. You can ask Ed for a veggie Ed burger!!! Total game changer.

4. Utilize the vegetarian section

Photo by Tamara Mekler

Sometimes the vegetarian area looks a little odd, but usually they have really great options. They usually try to have a pasta, a protein, and a couple of different vegetables, and it’s great for dinner.

5. Avocados

Photo by Samantha Thayer

I always go up to the salad station and ask for just an avocado. You can make avocado toast or even put it on top of your veggie burger. It adds a little bit of heartiness to the meal.


Next time you go into Frank, don’t feel too disheartened by your options. Get creative and mix and match options from different stations, and remember: you can always get Slices later.