With exams, thesis papers, and lengthy readings, college students need to treat themselves more than anyone else. And what better treat is there than a delicious dessert? These sweets will give you the sugar high you need to pull that all-nighter, and you don’t even have to go off campus to get them.

1. Caf Cookies


Photo by Vedika Luthra

If you go to the caf and don’t grab a caf cookie, were you even at the caf? I think not. And freshman year just wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for that time you and your friends snuck fifteen of these sweet treats back to your dorm.

2. Fro-yo from The Grille


Photo by Michelle Laszlo

Not many people know that you can get fro-yo for a meal swipe, and for those of you who didn’t know up until now, allow me to open up your eyes to a world full of dessert goodness. Just go up to the smoothie station and ask for a cup of fro-yo. You can get chocolate, vanilla, or both, and you can even add fruit to it to be #healthy.

3. Sundaes from the Caf


Photo by Sarah Wu

Finish dinner and have a craving for some ice cream? The caf can hook you up with endless flavors of ice cream and some epic toppings to back them up. So pile on the sprinkles, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. And if you’re feeling daring, grab some caf cookies to make an ice cream sandwich.

4. Candy Bars from The Grille


Photo by Maya Detwiller

Nobody’s really sure how a smoothie and a chocolate bar count as a meal…but hey, I’ll happily take the two for a meal swipe, especially on days when the candy racks are fully stocked. #Win

5. Ben & Jerry’s from SubCo


Gif courtesy of giphy.com

It is an experience like no other when you walk into SubCo and see the wall of different Ben & Jerry’s flavors. Of course, the real excitement comes when you’re back in your room and you and your friends are digging into that ice cream goodness. Oh, Ben and Jerry. Gotta love those guys.