If you’ve ever been a dog owner, then you know the struggle of having to ignore those sad puppy dogs eyes staring at that savory piece of chicken in your hand. I always thought that the products from the pet aisle in the store were the only treats suitable for my furry friend. But, after countless trips to the vet over the years, I learned that certain “people foods” are healthy and safe to feed dogs. Here’s a list I’ve compiled that you can totally let your pup munch on:


Photo by Katherine Baker

1. Shrimp


Photo by Christal Acosido

Shrimp, fully cooked, are a nice treat for your dog every now and then. Not only are they low in fat, but also calories and carbs. These bottom feeders are a great protein source for dogs as well as high in vitamins that helps to strengthen bones and teeth. Be sure to cut it up into pieces and remove the shell before giving this to your dog so it’s easier for them to digest.

2. Coconut


Photo by Gabby Phi

Coconut is my absolute favorite, whether it be shredded or as milk. I don’t typically like to share, but sometimes my pooch gets lucky. Coconut helps strengthen the immune system and acts as a remedy for itchy skin or irritation from fleas.

3. Turkey


Photo by Daniel Schuleman

As long as the turkey is plain, meaning not seasoned, and free of excess fat or bones, then it is perfectly okay to give to your dog. So now when you’re enjoying that Thanksgiving feast you can let your dog join in on the holiday fun. Even giving your dog a little gravy is a nice way to show them how thankful you are that they’re your best friend.

4. Peanut Butter


Photo courtesy of Olivia Henry-Jackson

Besides the fact that peanut butter is a great source of protein, it is also hilarious to watch a dog lick it off their nose. After my dog was rid of heart worms, I fed her peanut butter since it is rich in vitamin B and E as well as healthy fats good for the heart. Creamy unsalted peanut butter is the best kind to feed your pet since there is less risk of choking or exposure to harmful sugar substitutes.

5. Eggs


Photo by Paige Marie Rodgers

Since my canine companion would be up at the crack of dawn, I would give her some of the hard boiled eggs I make for breakfast. I learned from a visit to the vet that eggs are a hearty treat for dogs and can help an upset stomach. As long as it is fully cooked, an egg is just what your puppy needs to kickstart the day.

The right kind of “people foods” are beneficial to your furry friend and even better than some of the products in the dog aisle. Now, instead of having a meal by yourself, your pup can enjoy it alongside you.