With prelim season rolling around, you may start feeling stressed and want to eat a whole jar of cookie butter. Instead, going for these foods will satisfy your cravings and may help you live longer. Eat them on their own, or if you’re feeling creative, pull out the blender and make them into a drink.


We all need some fat in our diet; the trick is making sure that it is healthy, unsaturated, heart-healthy fat. The FDA believes that eating nuts such as pistachios can reduce your risk of heart disease. In fact, some recent research shows that these nuts may also help you live longer. Next time you need a quick snack, reach for pistachios instead of potato chips.  Or, try this recipe when you want to make a special snack.

Drinks: Pistachio milk and pistachio cocktails



Photo by Sharon Woo

Fresh salsa is full of Vitamins A and C, which protect cells from damage and play a role in boosting our immune system. Salsa doesn’t need to just be used as a dip for chips. Try it on your salad instead of salad dressing, eat it with some whole grain crackers or spread it on chicken or salmon.

Drinks: Salsa cocktail and salsa verde

Pumpkin Seeds


Photo by Tallie Gabriel

Full of zinc, omega-3s and magnesium, pumpkin seeds make for a perfect snack. Since it’s not very practical to find a pumpkin and roast your own seeds, look for pepitas (Spanish for “little squash”) at Trader Joe’s. Here are five ways to eat pumpkin seeds.

Drinks: Pumpkin seed punch and pumpkin seed smoothie

Pomegranate Seeds


Photo by Parisa Soraya

The arils are truly a superfood and packed with more antioxidants than acai or green tea. They are full of vitamins C, K and B5 and minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and zinc. They are also high in fiber and water, so they’re a great way to hydrate. Eat these crunchy seeds by the handful or add them to salad or oatmeal.

Drinks: Sparkling pomegranate cocktail and pomegranate spritzers

Almond Oil

Many people know that almonds are rich in antioxidants and high in healthy fat and protein. It turns out that almond oil also has endless benefits. Along with making your hair and skin healthier, it can increase circulation. Plus this oil is perfect on salads or even in baked goods, adding just a touch of nutty flavor. It can be found at Wegmans.

Drinks: Drink it plain or try golden milk