If you're a bookworm, or even just love to get lost in a novel once in a while, you'll need some foods to nourish you as you turn those pages. Make some food before your lazy day of literature so you have no excuse to put the book down. And with these inspirational food ideas, who would?

1. Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games: Chili Chocolate Bar

chocolate, candy, fudge, milk, sweet
Katie Schneider

 Known as “the girl on fire,” it’s no surprise that a spicy treat has to symbolize Katniss. This chili chocolate bar has a sweet heat perfect for the edgy fierceness that Katniss possesses. I’d like to think she would take a few squares of this before firing her bow and arrow. There's no doubt Katniss has a sweet side, after all, she's heroic. But just like this recipe, there’s more than meets the eye, so watch out if you get on her bad side. She can bring the heat.

2. Tris Prior, Divergent: Bug

pasture, vegetable, shellfish
Nicole Feretich

A food I’ve yet to try is edible bugs. I bet a lot of people haven’t attempted this feat, just like how not many of us have gone ziplining through a dystopian-destroyed city like Tris. Beatrice Prior deserves a food that would make most of us cringe. After all, she is Dauntless. Although the Dauntless factor pride themselves on their amazing cake, I could totally see most of them chowing down on some creepy crawlers.

Not only is it reminiscent of fear-factor, eating bugs actually has nutritional benefits and it's good for the economy. If you’re as busy fighting corruption as Tris, you’ll be grateful to throw back a few caterpillars when you're too busy to cook. They offer more protein than 100 grams of steak. So if you're feeling dauntless, check out the best places to eat these critters or whip up this recipe.

3. Hermoine Granger, Harry Potter: Sushi

sushi, rice
Rachael Piorko

Hermoine is smart, practical, and always on the go. Sushi would be something she could easily bring to the library and snack on in between studying new spells or potions. A dose of omega-3 fatty acids from a plate of sushi is just one way to help anyone study hard.  Try mastering the art of sushi on your own with this recipe just like Hermoine would do. 

4. Nancy Drew, Nancy Drew Mystery Stories: Surprise Cake

Nancy Drew’s life revolves around mysteries, so I had to choose a food that seems to have some of its own secrets. The trend of surprise cakes is here to stay, and no one’s complaining. Nancy Drew has to uncover clues, and follow her gut, hopefully leading her to solve the mystery, or in this case, discover the heavenly piles of smarties in this cake. This is one surprise that isn’t dangerous but definitely rewarding.

5. Jo March, Little Women: Pizza

pizza, pepperoni, crust, mozzarella, dough, cheese, salami, tomato, sauce
Amy Yi

Jo March is one of the most beloved female characters. Of course, she had to fit with a classic dish as well, something that no one can get enough of. Pizza. Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan or a meatatarian, pizza is the answer. Jo March has an irresistible personality everyone can appreciate and relate to. I'd be sure she would make it from scratch too, after all, she doesn't need anyone but herself. If you're looking for ways to spice up your own pizza, here's 15 hacks to test out.

Although we may not live at Hogwarts or even in a dystopian city (although life can feel just as hectic), it's nice to get lost in these worlds for a while. Living vicariously through these characters by eating foods inspired by them made me feel pretty bad-ass.