You might have just scored poorly in an assignment. You might have just had a break-up. You might be going through a rough patch in a friendship. A research project might not be bearing fruits as easily as you anticipated.

College life is full of trials and tribulations. But when we retire for the day, we can always find solace in the best companion: food.

Comfort food becomes a savior after a hectic, bad and long college day. Here’s a list of the most comforting comfort foods popular among the students of DU, whether in cafes, at the stoves, or with friends. Has your favorite made it to the list?

1. Ice Cream


Photo by Brooke Bierhaus

Well, if it wasn’t obvious, it is a matter of minutes before a bucketful of choco-chip ice-cream, or a McFlurry, or for that matter an Oreo Frappé manages to elevate the mood.

The sensation of the melting cream, or the creamy soft vanilla, does wonders. McDonald’s, Café Coffee Day, or even just the ice cream truck passing by the road is a savior.

2. Momos/Dumplings


Photo by Teodora Maftei

The small pieces of dough, wrapped around fillings, are the epitome of deliciousness. The street vendors serve it and it is easy to find them at the nooks, or near most metro stations.

Or if you can spare time, visit Majnu ka Tila. These mouthwatering pieces are best had steamy hot, and they make you forget all your worries as soon as they reach your mouth.

3. Pizza


Photo by Libby Perold

Come on, who are we kidding? Who doesn’t love pizza? And  a very difficult day, coupled with your dubious culinary skills make for the perfect reason to ring up Domino’s and order pizza. An extra topping of cheese makes it stand out.

4. Mac and Cheese


Photo by Annie Madole

If this doesn’t comfort you in times of pain, we really don’t know what will. Macaroni is the best part of the Italian culinary invasion in India. On top of it, we savor it with cheese, and in that moment, we know heaven is for real.

5. Maggi


Photo by Tarunima

Well, when the agony is not too much, Maggi noodles are the solution. Because it is so easy to cook, it injects a sense of victory and self-worth; that if you can cook, you can face the other problems too. This besides, of course, the taste and bliss of gorging it.

6. Samosas


Photo courtesy of

These triangular potato-stuffed crisps can be coupled with green chutney and make for the perfect lip-smacking comfort food to be had with friends. They comfort the best when eaten hot, and more than one.

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