Earlier this month, makeup company CoverGirl announced they had signed on their first ever male spokesperson. 17-year-old James Charles appeared on the cover of the brand's magazine. And he's slaying.

Since make-up is basically the frosting of life, it got me thinking... what other foods look as pretty as James' makeup? I came up with a pretty scrumptious list. 

1. Galaxy Donuts

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Um, galaxy donuts, anyone?! These gorgeously decorated donuts are enough to make anyone's mouth water. Learn how to make your own batch here

2. Açaí Bowls 

Who knew such a healthy treat could look so good? This stepped-up smoothie concoction will definitely please your tastebuds and your eyes. Learn to make your own attractive açaí bowl here

3. S'mores Cupcakes 

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So good you'll be asking for s'more. These s'more cupcakes have everything we're looking for—the perfect aesthetic and a taste to match. You can even take it up a notch and make spiked s'more cupcakes

4. Ice Cream Tacos

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Tacos and ice cream—yes, please! This mix and match treat will be sure to delight both your eyesight and your sense of taste. Learn how to make your own ice cream taco treat here.

5. Dessert Waffles 

Who knew a food as simple as a waffle could look, and taste, so delicious?! Dessert waffles are definitely a game-changer. Find out where to get the best dessert waffle in your state here.

These five foods are so mouthwateringly delicious they're nearly Covergirl worthy. They are as on point in their beauty and deliciousness as newest CoverGirl James Charles is with make-up—and we couldn't be happier or hungrier for either one.