We joke that if you don’t take a picture of cool things you’ve done, they might as well have not happened (what is the world coming to?). There are some things, especially in the summer, that you just must do…or your Summer doesn’t count.  #SorryNotSorry to avoid an uncool and tasteless summer, continue reading.

1. Chase an Ice Cream Truck


Photo by Laura Lim

Tap into your inner youth (but let’s face it–ice cream is for all ages), follow that unmistakable tune and go find an ice cream truck!  You get extra points for running to it with money in hand, like some black and white photo from the “good ol’ days” when kids did that sort of thing.

Ice cream truck not your style?  Check out Big Gay Ice Cream in NYC.  They started out as a super-successful ice cream truck with delicious and unique twists on your classic cone and they have since moved into two store locations; West Village and East Village.  You can’t go wrong with a Salty Pimp or a Monday Sundae, am I right?

2. Eat Seafood


Photo by Christian Urso

Get your ceviche on, show me your mussels, don’t clam up, check out that (crab) cake and don’t forget that make your lobster roll!  Yes, eat it all. Try something new, especially when you’re on a beach vacation (or at home whipping up this killer recipe).

“Fish are food, not friends”-Not Marlin the Clownfish

3. Have a Picnic


Photo by Lilly Allen

A five star restaurant may beat your bagged sandwiches on a culinary level (unless you’re getting cool sandwich ideas here) but it can’t provide the same nostalgia and memories as a red checkered blanket and a sunny day with friends!  Pick a sunny day and bag up some healthy snacks like hummus and veggies, chips and salsa, watermelon and some sandwiches and salads–pretty much anything portable and not too messy is an option. Check out this article for more suggestions!

4. Make Smooth(ie) Moves


Photo by Julie Haupin

Nothing says summer like fresh fruits and veggies, so why not take it to the next level? Smoothies are a refreshing and tasty way to incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet, even while on the go! Take advantage of your local farmer’s market and blend up some new combos–try green juices (based with dark green veggies), or kick up your antioxidants with a mixed berry smoothie.  If you’re stuck for ideas, try some from your very own Spoon experts here.

5. Get your Instagram reposted by Infatuation


Photo Courtesy of Instagram

This is a personal goal of mine and I fully support anyone else, who can Instagram their food like it’s their job, to try.  Infatuation is an Instagram account that is rapidly growing in popularity. A repost by this account could bring you hundreds of followers (be afraid) but more importantly, you are basically elevated to Hollywood stardom status in a matter of seconds.  To get a photo, of your incredibly delicious-looking food, to be a winner just add “#eeeeeats” to your mouthwatering foodie pictures (Spoon University’s Avocado toast was even featured)! This is your chance for your 15 minutes of fame; this is what you want written on your tombstone “#EEEEEATS Winner Summer 2014” and what you want to write your senior thesis on when you go back to school in the fall–this is big.  And now that you’ve read this, if you win I expect 25% of your fame and fortune, for my support and encouragement of your unrealized dreams (you’re welcome, in advance).

Complete even a few of these five things and your foodie summer is sure to be the best one yet!