Kindness is an aspect of life that seems to take a backseat to hatred and violence. Turn on any reality TV show and you will see two people screaming at each other trying to create drama. Flip on the news for a few minutes and you can quickly get coverage on the latest murder case. With all of these negative qualities filling our heads, it is pleasant to see that kindness still exists.

These five videos use food—an essential part of life—to show humanity. Although college students joke about our Instant Ramen diets and lack of funds, the truth is that our love of food and thriftiness could be used outside of our own kitchens. A simple, caring gesture can change someone’s life. It is important to realize the power of food and that this world is filled with good. If more people could take time out of their day (even college students) to help others and spread joy, then the world would be a little more improved. Hopefully these videos will inspire you to use food to help others in the New Year.


1. The Power of a Bag of Veggie Soup 

2. Those Who Have Little Give the Most 

3. Witnessing Happiness

4. The Peace of Pizza 

5. A Pleasant Surprise