Dairy: smooth, creamy, and overall delicious. Yet, some of us suffer the great loss of lactose intolerance and can't have dairy without the risk of a bowel disaster. But, intolerance does not equal disinterest, and many of the lactose intolerant are still lactose lovers like me. So, here are some struggles that star crossed lovers of dairy will understand.

1. Facing the extra charge at Starbucks for soy or almond milk 

It's always a debate between paying extra or just forgoing it and hoping for the best.

2. Even though it soothes your stomach, soy milk and almond milk will never taste like regular milk

They may be good in their own way but they'll never be the same.

3. Those hot summer days when a milkshake would hit the spot just right

Don't we deserve sweet summer treats too?

4. Just looking at this grilled cheese can make you sad

It looks so good, but it's so bad for my stomach.

5. And lastly, the rush to find a bathroom after giving in to your dairy loving dreams

That bowl of ice cream was so worth it, but now you have to deal with the aftermath...

But worry not, my fellow sufferers.

Spoon University has got you covered with some delicious dairy free recipes and alternatives, like this pasta that will have you dinner-ready in just 15 minutes or these delicious dessert options. Just because lactose is always ready to rumble doesn't mean you can't have a delicious-food-filled life!