Here at Lehigh University, we really have to adjust to the unique food culture. To be completely honest, at most times we don't step outside campus unless we're going to Johnny's. On campus, even though there can be lines everywhere at 12 pm, you still feel the urge to get that chicken avocado panini or Williams salad. Talk about dedication, right? Here are 5 food-related things you'll only understand if you go to Lehigh University. 

1. The esteemed $9 Chicken Avocado Panini at Johnny's. 

You know when you're sitting, just trying to enjoy your lunch, and you hear "CHICKEN AVOCADO PANINI" on repeat for the whole time? That's when you know you're at Johnny's. All joking aside, it is actually a really good sandwich and going to Johnny's is always an experience. You know you've made it in life, when the employees know your name and order right when you walk in. 

2. Chicken Finger Fridays at Rathbone!!!! 

Also offered at Lower (but Rathbone is cooler), Chicken finger Fridays are an event you can't miss. If you're down to bone, it better be on Chicken Finger Fridays. Get the curly fries on the side for those ~weekend vibes~. By the way,  make sure you make the most of your freshman year at Rathbone, you'll miss it in the upcoming years. 

3. Lines at Williams.

Don't you just love when you're so excited to get that tomato mozzarella sandwich at Williams, but the line is out the door? You quickly debate in your head: is it worth staying or should I just go to lower? But no, you ultimately end up staying. You stay for that tomato mozzarella sandwich that you feel pressured to order because you don't want to make your own sandwich or because it would take too long for you to make a salad. Even though you want a smoothie, you don't want to push it and will just have to wait until tomorrow. 

4. Playa bowls

Oh you know, that place that everyone from New Jersey freaked out over when it arrived in town. If you wanna go to Playa, just be prepared to see every student at Lehigh present there. Our favorites are the Nutaya Bowl and Pura Vida. We love $11 bowls that are really just blended fruit!! But healthy! Right? Make sure to get the playa loyalty card because once you buy 12 bowls, you get a free one!!

Katrina Holceker

5. Crêpes from Lower

10am to 2 pm, be there or be square. Crepes with banana and Nutella are our personal favorites, but the world is your oyster so go crazy with it. The crepe lady is the best and you can strike up a great conversation with her to make your day instantly better. ~Positive vibes everyone.~

Lehigh is truly a unique place and with it comes it's food. You might not think so now, but one day you will miss the Williams lines, the chicken avocado panini from Johnny's, and being down to go to bone with your friends. If you are a true Lehigh student, we expect you to understand these food-related things above. 

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