At Emerson College, the campus revolves around downtown Boston and this plays a huge role in the food consumed. Although every school has its own pros and cons, going to college in the middle of a city is quite an experience. 

1. Avoiding the DH (Dining Hall) 

At Emerson, everything seems to be abbreviated for one reason or another and the dining hall is no exception to that rule. Although there have been several improvements as compared to previous years, the "DH" still does not seem to be a favorite place among most students. If you desperately need food quickly, Center Stage is always your best bet.

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Emily Waples

2. City Place - You Either Love It Or Hate It 

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your taste, City Place is just a short walk from most residence halls. This building, resembling a food court, offers a variety of food and a short cut to other restaurants on the street with its main entrance. With establishments like Dunkin Donuts and Jimmy Johns inside, you're either ready to call it your second home or have strictly limited using this building to reduce your walking. Emerson College is dangerously close to both Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. 

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Shelby Cohron

3. Roche Bros vs. Trader Joes 

"Where do you do your food shopping?" Careful, this can be a deal breaker for some people. You may have never thought grocery shopping was important before, but some may disagree. Roche Bros is a shorter distance for those who are understandably pressed for time and looking for convenience. Trader Joes, a longer walk, offers more organic, healthy and vegetarian/vegan options. It's truly your preference that determines what choice you will make, but who says you can't love both?

Trader Joe's, reusable bags, egg carton
Jocelyn Hsu

4. The Never-ending Coffee Shops 

Sometimes you end up picking a college where there aren't many options to do your homework, hangout, etc. and that is unfortunate. Luckily for students at Emerson College, Boston if full of coffee shops on every corner. Free wifi and chill vibes are hard to deny. Plus, it's nearly impossible to escape from Caffè Nero. 

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Amy Cho

5. The Infamous "Griddlers"   

For Emerson students who love milkshakes and burgers, this is most likely their favorite place. With vegetarian options and free toppings for burgers, this local spot can be quite hard to resist. With its location conveniently placed just a few feet away from most residence halls, Griddlers happens to be a guilty pleasure for many.

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Jocelyn Gordon

Whether you go to Emerson or just stumbled upon this article, it's clear that there are just some things out of the ordinary that only students at this particular college can relate to. When was the last time you verbally abbreviated the building you were heading to on campus?