Down below are 5 food-related things that you would only understand if you were a student at Washington State University. See if you get them!

1. Treating RDA Like It's Nothing

It's safe to say, we all kind of forget RDA is actual money. It makes you feel powerful with that one swipe when buying your food. We spend it as if we had an unlimited amount of money until our accounts hit $0. In my opinion, living on Northside is the best when it comes to RDA. If the dining hall food sucks, you got the Market AND Einstein's right there. Who doesn't like a good bagel at midnight? Something I hear a lot after freshmen year is, "I miss RDA." So for all you freshmen out there, enjoy it while it lasts.

2. The Starbucks Line in The Spark 

The Starbucks in the Spark recently opened this school year and boy is it busy. If someone's walking into class late in the Spark, they're usually walking in with Starbucks in one hand. That line tends to be pretty long at all hours; causing a lot of people to be late to their classes. But I gotta do what you gotta do for coffee, am I right?

3. Tin-Tan Tacos

Tin-Tan is one of those places you know you'll end up at, at the end of a night out. Located in the center of Greek row alongside with Stubbies, how could one not end up there? I guarantee you'll probably run into your drunk friend Bob at 2 am eating a California burrito. 

4. Munchy'Z

Munchy'Z hot dogs are just amazing, simply because of the bun. Whether it's football season or just a night out, Munchy'Z got the cure for you. Munchies...Munchy'Z, coincident? I think not. 

5. Cougar Gold

If you go to WSU, there is no way you haven't heard of cougar gold. It's one of WSU's most prized possessions. Parents love buying this when visiting. It can be used in many different ways in cooking, but the most popular way is in making Mac N Cheese. If you don't know what it tastes like, try the Mac N Cheese at Southfork! You won't be disappointed. 

So, how many did you understand? If you got 5/5, you're definitely a Coug for sure!