Washington and Lee University and the town of Lexington may be small, but the town certainly does not lack good food. In comparison to other university dining, W&L has a pleasing menu to offer and compared to other small towns, Lexington restaurants are delicious and versatile. From upscale dining to more economically friendly options, Lexington has something for everyone. Here are 5 food related things you’ll only understand if you go to W&L.

1. You haven’t been a college student at W&L until you you have a drink of choice at either Lexco or Pronto.

Melinda Kauffman

If you’ve lived in Lexington long enough then you have surely discovered Lexington Coffee Shop, "Lexco," or Pronto, because they are the only two coffee shops in town. Although small, these two spots receive quite a lot of business. Whether you like strong Arabica coffee from Lexco or you prefer a hazelnut latte from Pronto, the same bustling baristas serve you day after day at both of these establishments that W&L students are happy to call home.

2. The omelet station at Dhall is legit.

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Jocelyn Hsu

If you haven’t asked for an omelet at Dhall at least once or 28 times, then do you even go here? Maybe it’s the effortless way in which the dhall workers flip their creation that makes them taste so good, or maybe it’s the fact that every hung-over college student the day after a raging Saturday night braves the cold and leaves their warm bed to wait in line for one of these gooey and flavourful dishes. Either way they're customizable and good and every W&L student knows it. If you're wondering how to whip up your own omelet creation, give this article a read.

3. We all thought we were walking into a gym the first time we went to Kind Roots.

Melinda Kauffman

At first glance Kind Roots looks a little underwhelming, standing alone in an empty parking lot, but once inside and past the people working out, the food is incredible. From toasty bagels to creamy smoothies, Kind Roots has literally everything and it’s organic so that means it’s healthy right? Obviously. 

4. When the parents come to town we know where to take them.

Melinda Kauffman

The parents have arrived and that means that you’ve probably already made a reservation at Bistro, Southern Inn or Haywood’s. Whether you like Bistro's beer bread, Southern Inn's pecan pie, or Haywood's gouda mac and cheese, it really doesn’t matter, because it’s all good and the parents are paying.

5. Prospective Students are on campus? Where’s the catered lunch?

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Jocelyn Hsu

It’s Prospective Student’s day and we all know what that means: Dining services is bringing the big guns out. Whether it’s a bright spring day, or it’s monsooning out there we will brave the storm for the good food usually under a tent in Cannon Green. Sizzling pulled pork, gooey mac and cheese and the chocolatiest chocolate chip cookies you have ever seen somehow manage to end up on your plate three times. But you convince yourself it’s fine, because you sit three tables over from a prospective student and your eagerness over this mac and cheese shows them how much you love W&L. If all else fails you know these students will come for the food, because that’s why you came isn’t it?

So whether you eat out regularly or tend to use every meal swipe, these are the food related things you’ll only understand if you go to Washington and Lee.