There is this huge misconception that all introverts are antisocial or shy people. In reality, introverts are individuals who get more energy from doing activities by themselves rather than being around others. Unfortunately, at times, introverts like myself are misunderstood in the awkwardest of situations. Here are five food-related situations every food-loving introvert has experienced.

1. Parties = Free Food

Alessia Cara had the right idea with her song, "Here." Parties are often overcrowded and, for an introvert, not the most desirable event. But where else can we get free food and drinks? Even though we would rather be home, sometimes food is so much more important. 

2. That Look When You Eat Alone

Waiting in line is universally awkward for those waiting by their self. Do not even get me started about the sad looks I get sometimes. But for introverts, this is just normal. Eating at a fancier, sit-in restaurant alone is seen as "out of the ordinary," but I promise you should try it some time. The questioning stares will disappear, and you will be fully present in whatever you choose to do.

3. Netflix and Chill

Netflix and chill for an introvert is not the same as the phrase has implied. My version of Netflix and chill involves myself and a nice tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I mean, that's three people right there! Introverts love small group activities; therefore, a night of movies and tons of snacks is almost perfect.

4. Making Too Much Food

Alright, this one is more for my introvert cooks out there—when you're bored or super hungry and make five servings of food, but you are the only one home. Also, shout out to my bakers who are introverts and have to find a way to share a dozen of cookies without interacting with large groups. Making too much food is a serious problem, but what we do next could determine our guilt level.

5. Eating All the Food Anyway

Okay, this may be more of a 4b, but how many times have you made too much food and still ate all of it? Or bought an whole pizza and didn't have any leftovers? Honestly, it is a serious problem that I have. 

Being an introvert has its pros and cons, much like everything. However, being a foodie and an introvert can put you in some unique situations. Whether you are eating alone in a restaurant or going to parties for the free food, there is a little introvert in us all.