Ask yourself if fresh beans, cheese, milk, fruits and tea can cause any problems to your digestive system. Of course you would think that these foods are healthy and nutritional. Isn't that what you've always been taught?

These foods are indeed healthy. However, they can be harmful if combined in wrong combinations and can led to stomach ache, nausea and indigestion. Below are 5 food combinations you should really try staying away from.

Banana and Milk

Angelica Tso

Who wouldn't want a cool, refreshing banana smoothie on a hot summer day? Even if this combination tastes amazing, bananas and milk should not be mixed together. This combination may cause vomiting and disturbance of intestinal flora. 

Meat with Tea or Coffee

Angelica Tso

Meat is a great source of iron, which is necessary for normal body function. Iron deficiency can lead to trouble focussing, headaches, chest pain and many other problems. Drinking coffee or tea with meat is not the best idea, as these drinks can decrease the iron absorbance by 50% or more and lead to iron deficiency. 

Fruit After A Meal

Angelica Tso

Fruits are absorbed by our body very quickly. However, when fruits are combined with meat or cereal grains, they can stay too long in the digestive track and start to ferment. This fermentation can lead to heartburn, burping and other digestive discomforts you'd rather avoid.

Milk and Lemon 

Angelica Tso

Milk contains proteins called casein, which contain negative charges. Under normal conditions, caseins do not bond to each other and stay apart. However, when a lemon is added to them, caseins lose their negative charges. This prevents them from staying apart. As a result, they begin to bind, forming casein clumps, which we call curdled milk. Curdled milk is something that very few people enjoy drinking.

Beans and Cheese

Angelica Tso

Beans and dairy products are a popular combination in many Mexican restaurants. No matter how good this food combination tastes, its best to avoid it, as it can lead to indigestion, gasses and bloating. 

Get the most out of your food by avoiding these food combinations. You deserve living a happy life free from indigestion, bloating, gases, heartburn and burping.