As October ripens into November, the outdoors is a haven for those who appreciate the colors of the leaves changing, and the brisk chill that the air holds. There is no better way to enjoy this quickly passing time in the season than by going on a foliage walk or hike, except maybe fueling yourself with some affordable and seasonal snacks from Trader Joe’s to make that hike even more perfect.

I’ve rounded up five festive Trader Joe’s products that you can nibble on as the leaves crunch beneath your feet. And the catch? All five add up to under $20.

Pumpkin Butter

George Thomson

Price: $2.29

Despite being labeled as “butter,” Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter contains no cream or eggs, and its silky texture is instead the result of pumpkin puree slow cooked with warm spices that make this tasty spread feel like fall in a jar. It’s the perfect addition to breakfast to energize yourself for a day on the trails.

Spread it on toast or a rice cake and top with bananas and hemp seeds for a nourishing and quick breakfast that feels more like pumpkin pie than health food. Or try any of these cool ideas to make the most of the versatile treat during the rest of the season. And at only 40 calories per serving, you won’t feel bloated on the trek. 

Vanilla Almond Spiced Chai Protein Shake

George Thomson

Price: $2.99

Once you arrive at your chosen destination, a few sips of the Vanilla Almond Spiced Chai protein shake will provide you with 16g of plant-based protein boost to help keep your muscles strong on the trails.

The warm Indian-inspired chai spices will make your taste buds feel the cozy comforts of fall, and the smooth texture will make you feel like you’re indulging yourself, but don’t be fooled. Each serving contains only 140 calories, and the drink is 100 percent vegan. 

Harvest Spice Trek Mix

George Thomson

Price: $6.99

As you hit the peak or get tired of walking, you can count on the Harvest Spice Trek mix from Trader Joe’s to give you the energy to keep going. The substantial nutritional profile of the cashews, almonds, and pecans in the mix will keep you energized. And the sweet notes from the candied ginger and dried apples punctuate the warm spices that the nuts are tossed in. The standard bag comes with enough trek mix for you to snack on at home, top oatmeal or yogurt bowls with, or pack for another hike. 

Pistachio Cranberry Bites

George Thomson

Price: $3.99

As the trails wind to an end, and you’re worn out from a day of taking in the colorful foliage, the pistachio cranberry bites are the perfect way to indulge yourself in a nutritious way.

The hearty pistachio bars are vibrant and full of flavor, and are studded with cranberries to keep you thinking about the tasty fall flavors that will soon disappear into winter. 

Pumpkin & Roasted Pepita Cookies

George Thomson

Price: $2.49

As night falls and you're relaxing from a long day of taking in the scenery, these sweet and spicy pumpkin cookies are the ideal way to end a cozy autumn night. Enjoy with a glass of your favorite fall beverage to end your day in the same festive way it began. 

The fall months are the perfect season to enjoy nature, and there is no better way to compliment this season than with these five festive Trader Joe’s products for just $18.49. But go soon—they won’t be in stock for long.