Every Saturday morning, Bloomington locals flock to the farmer’s market to purchase their weekly produce. But let’s be honest with ourselves: it’s Saturday morning, and most of us just “can’t even.” After a long week of classes and an even longer Friday night, waking up in time to buy some fruits and veggies that you can just find at Bloomingfoods sounds awful. Not to mention you would have to put on pants for that, and who likes pants?

But, hey, you might just miss out on some excellent cocktails. Yeah, that’s right, fresh, delicious, cheap cocktails brought to you by local farmers at Bloomington’s farmer’s market.

Okay, so they don’t actually sell cocktails there. But, these farmers do supply the goods you need to make your own at any time of the day, for far less than you probably paid for your Long Island at Kilroy’s last night. And you just might feel better knowing you supported a local farmer AND got a serving of fruits or veggies in. Not bad for a Saturday morning.

These five creative drinks can be made with just a few fresh ingredients from our own local farmer’s market (and a few from your own fridge) that are currently in season. And the best part: “in season” means easy to find and even easier on your wallet.

  1. Classic Mojito:

    This cocktail is simple and oh-so-fresh. A sprig of mint is what you’ll be searching for at the farmer’s market. The rest of the ingredients are probably begging to be used right in your very own fridge.


    Photo Credit: Ana Cvetkovic

  1. Bloody Mary:

    This cocktail has been known to cure a hangover or two, which makes it the perfect post-market breakfast drink. While you’re there, though, don’t forget the tomatoes.


    Photo Credit: Hannah Lin

  1. Cucumber Sangria:

    Cool-off after all of your shopping with this cocktail. It is perfect for those last few days of warm weather that seem to be lingering in Bloomington. Keep an eye out for cucumbers and mint.

    bhg.com" src="https://spoonuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/40/2014/10/RU2027151.jpg.rendition.largest1.jpg" alt="cocktails" width="670" height="670" />

    Photo Credit: bhg.com

  2. Butternut Squash-Infused Rum Cocktail:

    What do you even do with butternut squash anyway? Obviously you should drink it. This is an overnight recipe, so get back in your bed and wake up to the flavors of fall. You should buy a butternut squash while you’re exploring the market.

    foodrepublic.com" src="https://spoonuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/40/2014/10/butternutsquashinfusion1.jpg" alt="cocktails" width="670" height="503" />

    Photo Credit: foodrepublic.com

  3. Maple-Jalapeno Bourbon Cocktail:

    Spice up your Saturday night with this fall cocktail. The bourbon and jalapeno will warm you right up on a cool October night. Make sure to pick up jalapeno peppers for this one.

    punchdrink.com" src="https://spoonuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/40/2014/10/Jalapeno-Julep11.jpg" alt="cocktails" width="670" height="413" />

    Photo Credit: Daniel Krieger, punchdrink.com


So, now you know. If you can put your pants on for an hour on a Saturday morning, you might just find a reason to celebrate Saturday night…or every night.