When it comes to these delicious shot glass-sized snacks, it’s all about portion control. Put it in a shot glass, and you’ll get a satisfying treat of the perfect size. Even though the solution to your portion control may remind you of last Saturday night, these five foods will no doubt taste better than that shot of cheap vodka with orange juice.

Cake Shots


Photo courtesy of sarahhearts.com

When trying to minimize the size of your dessert, you can still have your cake and eat it, too. First, bake your favorite cake recipe. Then either use a small cookie-cutter or the shot glass itself to slice cake cylinders that will fit inside  your shot glass. Try using a clear shot glass so you’ll be able to see all the layers of sponge cake and frosting! Do it with brownie and chocolate mousse shots here, or try these different variations.

Milk and Cookie Shots


Photo courtesy of Thomas Schauer

These cookie shots will definitely be stealing Oreo’s title as Milk’s Favorite Cookie. What could be better than throwing back a shot of milk from the perfectly-soaked cookie that’s holding it all together? You can try baking the cups yourself (but beware; it’s harder than you’d think!), or taking to the streets of New York City, where you’re sure to see this trend taking over. Warm milk will take on a new meaning when warm from the freshly baked cookie you’ll be enjoying it with. Tempted yet? Here’s how you can make cookie shots yourself.

Air Head Candy Shots


Photo courtesy of lovelyindeed.com

Is that sweet tooth getting the best of you? Satisfy it with this new treat, in a perfectly-portioned and absolutely adorable way. Take an Air Head, form a cylinder with it, and fill with whatever other candy you’re craving, just like this. Try exploring different thicknesses and molding the candy into your very own homemade edible shot glass. You won’t regret it.

Tomato Soup Shots


Photo courtesy of ohhappyday.com

Revamp the classic combination of grilled cheese with tomato soup by cutting your sandwich into bite-size portions and pairing with tomato soup shots. Present with a toothpick for dipping ease, or just pile the mini sandwiches up high and enjoy. Try this grilled cheese and tomato soup combo meal here.

Inverse Apple Core Shots


Photo courtesy of thatssomichelle.com

All you have to do is core an apple and automatically you have a tiny bowl for anything you can imagine. Inverse caramel apple anyone? Peanut butter? Marshmallow fluff? Caramel? There’s no reason to limit yourself to caramel apples when you can get creative with this sweet snack.

Mix up your next Saturday pregame, and make sure to serve up some of these shot-sized snacks. Maybe the display will even rival your impressive shot glass collection! Shelf of shot glasses: predictable. Shot glass snacks: unpredictable, portioned and perfect.

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