Everyone loves a man bun. Some of us might try to deny it, but deep down you know there is a reason why all of your celebrity crushes have started wearing them.

Unfortunately, most of us will never experience our dreams of meeting and marrying our favorite bun-adorned boys. Don’t get too sad though—here are five kinds of mouthwatering buns that will always love you back.


Photo courtesy of Elle.com

Cinnamon Bun


Photo by Susanna Tuan

Seeing Bradley Cooper rocking the man bun probably made you stop and think, “My body is ready.” A warm, gooey, cinnamon bun drizzled with sweet frosting will make you feel the same way.

Pretzel Bun


Photo courtesy of betcheslovethis.com

This sensual bun hailing from Germany is the perfect bread to cradle your lunch meat in any sandwich. Just like you want to be tenderly enveloped by Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham, and both of their man buns at the same time, your sliced turkey wants to feel embraced by a pretzel bun. Check out some recipes to get your heart racing here.

Pork Bun


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia – Alpha

A popular dim sum recipe, steamed BBQ pork buns make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. They’re like a little kiss on the forehead. If Leonardo DiCaprio and his man bun kissed you on the forehead, you would probably feel warm and fuzzy too.

Bread Bun


Photo courtesy of versionofthetruth.com

The bread bun is a classic, just like Orlando Bloom’s timeless man bun that first made its appearance circa 2003, when Pirates of the Caribbean was released. Embrace your inner pirate next time you come in contact with a breadbasket–show no mercy and hoard all of the booty. Argh matey!

Hot Cross Buns


Photo Courtesy of Flickr

You probably haven’t thought about hot cross buns since you learned how to play it on the recorder in elementary school. Thinking of hot cross buns will likely lead you in One Direction… Imagining Harry Styles and his sexy man bun serenading you to sleep.

Now those were some hot buns.


Gif courtesy of Tumblr