A typical morning routine in college can be frenzied, filled with snooze buttons, multiple cups of coffee, hangovers, and stress from the day ahead, but who says you have to wake up even more exhausted than when you went to sleep?

Whether you’re heading to that dreaded 8 am class or gearing up for an early workout, a steady and healthy morning routine will help you take on anything. So stop throwing that alarm across the room and rise a little bit earlier because these five simple additions will leave your mind and body feeling refreshed and eager to face what your day has in store.

1. Stretch


Photo courtesy of @yoga.guide on Instagram

Every morning, it’s easy to run straight to the shower or kitchen, but it is definitely time to slow down your morning routine. Think about it, you just spent the whole night in pretty much the same position, so your body is going to need a little bit more to get the blood flowing and the muscles relaxed.

Among the totally awesome benefits of morning stretches are increased energy for a kickass day and less aches, which make uncomfortable lecture hall seats a little more tolerable. Even if you’re one of those people who like to hit the snooze button at least three times, you can find a stretching routine that’s perfect for you. There’s no need for a complete sun salutations regimen because these 10 simple and quick stretches should do the trick.

2. Drink water


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Okay, water is boring, especially when you’re comparing it to that thick, chocolatey frappuccino topped with whipped cream from Starbucks (which happens to be terrible for you). Still, take a second to think about how your body feels after drinking 16 ounces of water and how it feels after sipping on the same amount of that Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Noticeable difference, right? If you just can’t get past the blandness of water, try mixing in some fresh lemon, cucumber, or strawberry slices. Sure, coffee might give you that much-needed morning jolt, but will it really help your skin glow or relieve all that stress? And if you really can’t live without your morning joe, who said double-fisting was a bad thing?

3. Keep it unplugged


Photo courtesy of Lis Ferla on Flickr.com

According to an article published by the Huffington Post, the one thing you definitely should not do first thing in the morning is check that email. It is tempting to want to tackle all of the day’s busywork as soon as you get up, but scrolling through your emails creates a lot of unnecessary stress, while also dictating your agenda. Your morning routine does not have to feel like a business meeting, but it should get you in the right, positive mindset to handle the day’s busy schedule.

4. Do not skip breakfast


Photo by Alex Tom

It is so easy to run out of the door without chowing on that bowl of cereal or Greek yogurt, but taking the time to give your body some more energy with that glass of water definitely does more good than bad. Say you had a snack at 9 pm the previous night and didn’t eat lunch until noon. That’s 15 hours without any food, which not only depletes energy, but also negatively affects overall metabolism, according to a study from Kansas State University.

While there is still debate over whether skipping breakfast can aid in weight loss or has no substantial effect at all, studies have shown that opting out of the day’s first meal is bad for both our hearts and healthy blood sugar levels. If you’re really crunched for time, try out these five quick recipes because there is no excuse for not wanting some strawberry and chocolate waffles.

5. Give yourself a pep talk


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This one will change everything, especially the way you carry yourself for the rest of the day. Go stand in front of that mirror and tell yourself that you can do it, whatever it is you need to tackle that day. Throw on that outfit or try out a new makeup tip, and then go out and completely own it.

Sometimes it’s hard to face that mirror when you aren’t 100 percent happy with what’s looking back at you, but who is? Loving yourself is fun and feels so good, and it could be the most important thing you ever learn. So channel your inner diva or DJ Khaled, and top off your morning with a confident, personal pep talk.