Pasta is one of those foods that you can eat no matter what time of day. Not only is it delicious, but it is quick and easy and can be ready in less than 15 minutes. Since many colleges are going remote for the upcoming semester, that means you'll have to say goodbye to your dining plan and actually make your own food. You might do this already, but for people like me, this is a whole new territory. I've been looking for meals that are not only simple to make, but taste good and Tiller & Hatch is both. 

Keep on reading to find five pasta meals from Tiller & Hatch you can enjoy this summer and you only need a pressure cooker. 

1. Tiller & Hatch Chili Mac

Photo courtesy of Tiller & Hatch

Since National Mac And Cheese Day was yesterday, it only makes sense to start off this meal round-up with some macaroni. Tiller & Hatch's Chili Mac is what can be called a midwestern version of the classic Hamburger Helper. Made with tomatoes, cheese, chili powder, beef, onions, corn and a variety of other ingredients, this meal is an explosion of flavors. Personally, I'm not a fan of spicy foods, but this was mildly spicy and didn't cause me any trouble or discomfort which is a plus!

2. Italian Chicken & Gnocchi 

Photo courtesy of Tiller & Hatch

Gnocchi is my favorite pasta of all time even though some would argue it's a potato. Made with mushrooms, chicken, olive oil, garlic, carrots and more, this Italian Gnocchi is perfect for those craving a home-cooked meal in minutes. Not only are you getting enjoying pasta, but getting in those healthy vegetables we all need.

3. Santa Fe Style Pasta 

Photo courtesy of Tiller & Hatch

This Santa Fe style pasta is reminiscent of New Mexican cuisine that is known for it's fresh and pungent flavors. This pasta is covered in a creamy tomato sauce with a hint of chipotle smokiness to give it that signature flavor. You'll find corn, red peppers, onions, cheese and chicken in this flavor packed meal from Tiller & Hatch.

4. Farfalle Pasta With Marinara And Ground Turkey

Photo courtesy of Tiller & Hatch

If you're craving a more classic pasta dish, than this farfalle pasta with marinara and ground turkey is the one for you. Made with low-fat ground turkey, you can enjoy the meat you love in a healthy and delicious way!

5. Farfalle With Marsala Sauce And Chicken

Photo courtesy of Tiller & Hatch

This pasta from Tiller & Hatch is for the creamy mushroom lovers. If you ever had chicken marsala, then you know that the dish is known for it's signature mushroom sauce. This dish combines the best of both worlds so you can have both pasta and chicken all-in-one. 

Where To Find Tiller & Hatch

If you're interested in trying Tiller & Hatch pasta and their other dishes, head over to their website and choose the plan that works best for you and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. 

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