We've all been at that awkward point in a party or a pregame where no one knows what to do other than continue to find random people to make small talk with. Well, with these easy drinking games, drinking will be a more fun experience! These games can be played with any number of people, so they're great for parties of all sizes. 

#SpoonTip: Feel free to swap out your alcohol for water or soda at any point during these games. 

1. Drunk Jenga

To play drunk Jenga, write different rules on each Jenga block. When you pull out a Jenga block, do whatever the instructions you wrote on the block says. When the Jenga tower topples over, whoever knocked it down has to finish their drink!

#SpoonTip: If your party is already drunk, you can play ordinary jenga because that'll be a hard enough task.

2. Fuzzy Duck

Christin Urso

To start this game, say "Fuzzy Duck" to the person on your left. Keep going in a circle until someone says "Does He?" Then you have to say "Duzzy F*ck" to your right. Continue until someone says "Does He?" Then, go back to saying "Fuzzy Duck!" Whenever someone messes up the sequence, they have to drink. 

3. Never Have I Ever

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Izzi Clark

In a circle, everyone says a "Never Have I Ever" statement. Whoever can say they've done it has to drink. Keep playing until you get bored or you run out of "Never Have I Ever" statements. 

4. King's Cup

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Amelia Weller

Have a large cup of alcohol in the middle and a deck of cards. If you don't have cards, you can use a random number generator or a King's Cup phone application!

Each number has a rule. In a circle, people pick a card for each turn, and everyone follows the rule for the card accordingly. The most important rule is that when the first three kings cards are drawn, whoever drew the kings needs to put some of their drink in the "King's Cup." The last person to draw the king loses the game and drinks the king's cup. 

#SpoonTip: For more detailed instructions on how to play this easy drinking game, check out these King's Cup rules. 

5. Most Likely To...

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Christin Urso

For this easy drinking game, everyone should have a drink. Taking turns in a circle, someone asks a "most likely" question. On the count of three, everyone points at the person they think is the most likely to do whatever was said. You take a shot (or sip) for the number of people who are pointing at you.

With these easy drinking games, you'll hopefully be able to enjoy pre-gaming more and get to know your friends' wild sides.