They say acquiring food when you attend a community college is easy because you have all access to leftovers from home; however, that's not always the case. You have to strategically plan your eating times so that you beat lunch rush and risk having to eat in a class where food is prohibited. That one kid who goes to the bathroom at the same time every class, they're going to buy food before the rush because they think ahead. Spend one semester on campus and you'll understand these 5 DVC food struggles college students face everyday.

1. "Who's Giving Up Their Parking Spot?"

Kristal Whitlow

The dreaded question everyone has to debate during lunch rush. An overpopulated school with limited parking is not the best combination in the world, especially when most students are too lazy to just walk 3 blocks to Sunvalley Mall Food Court. DVC food is pretty decent and priced accordingly, but why settle for pre-packaged when you can get a fresh Cinnabon cinnamon roll down the street?  

2. Every. Penny. Counts

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Anna Arteaga

One measly little penny could be the ticket to getting your hands on a plate of tater tots for $1.25 or even a box of Hello Panda cookies for $1 at DAISO. Anyone who carelessly tosses coins is literally tossing away their next meal.

3. Culinary Doesn't Open Until Mid-Semester

Although the campus is surrounded by various food establishments, nothing can beat the taste and price of food from the pop-up Culinary Arts shop on the 2nd floor of the cafeteria. You can get a New York Steak with a side of diced potatoes and mac 'n cheese for $5. I repeat, FIVE. DOLLARS. Each dish, including food items in the bakery, is made and served by students of the Culinary Arts Program which makes it that much better since your purchase helps to fund the program. When this little pop-up opens, the DVC food court on the first floor is pretty much barren because the difference in taste is THAT significant.

4. There's A Line... For The Microwave

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Rebecca Block

For the select few that do, indeed, bring leftovers from home might as well just eat their food cold since the line for the microwave always seems to be longer than the line to actually buy DVC food. When afternoon classes finish, I can guarantee that if you sent one friend to buy you a plate of fries from the food court, and another to microwave some leftovers, you could most likely receive and finish your fries before your friend even reaches the microwave.

5. Club-Sponsored Events Are A GODSEND

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Sharon Cho

The weeks following Club Faire are always the best times since clubs advertise and recruit through handing out free food buffet-style *sighs in bliss*. It's inevitable that 99% of the people who show up aren't remotely interested in the club or are even part of the club, but it gets the word out there. 

Although community college is the best way to save money, sometimes that extra money is going into eating food throughout the day. Good thing the lunch deals at Gen Korean BBQ don't end before I get out of class.