Are you interested in going vegan, but not so interested in trying those “scary” foods like tempeh and quinoa? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Check out these meals featuring certifiably non-threatening ingredients that will help make eating vegan easier than ever even for picky eaters.

1. Burrito Bowls


Photo by Celeste Holben

No one is immune to the charms of the burrito bowl. No one. Since guac is undeniably the best part of the burrito bowl anyways, all you have to do is double up on it and you won’t even miss the animal products. Try veganizing this Chipotle copycat recipe by eliminating the meat, cheese and sour cream.
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2. Pasta and Marinara

Try tossing some vegan pasta and marinara sauce together to make the simple and universally beloved kid’s menu staple (but that doesn’t stop us from ordering it anyways). If you’re feeling fancy, follow Ina Garten’s recipe for marinara sauce because when has Barefoot Contessa ever led us astray? Throw in some veggies if you’re feigning eating healthy.

3. Chili

A hearty stew that’s especially welcoming during tailgate season, chili is filling, cheap and a definite crowd-pleaser. There’s a massive amount of vegan chili recipes online, but this one is a classic.

4. Stir Fry


Photo by Daniel Schuleman

A perfect meal for picky eaters wishing to expand their culinary horizons, but still keep a safe flavor profile. Plus, you can customize your stir fry to your liking. Try this recipe and replace any veggies you don’t like with your favorites instead.

5. Pudding


Photo by Brooke Bierhaus

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It’s a fact that no one can live life without dessert. Desserts tend to be fair game for picky eaters, but *sadly* many of them have butter, cream or other animal-based products. Although you may wince at the use of avocados as the pudding’s main ingredient, we promise that this vegan chocolate pudding recipe tastes unreal.