There’s that one person in your group of friends (and you know who you are) who pulls out his phone when the meal finally comes to the table, and you can only sit there, dying of hunger, staring at the food, until he’s done taking pictures from all sorts of angles. He then will ask you which filter is best and constantly be checking how many likes he gets. (Yes, I’m guilty of this).

With that being said, the Instagram world is full of specialized, crazy, super-specific food accounts that are both crazy and drool-worthy. It seems that every food niche has an Instragram dedicated to it. But what if an account with the most potential has been missed? Here are five Instagram accounts dedicated to any and all foodie topics. Hey, they might just make you insta-famous.

Asians Taking Pictures of Food (@asianstaketoomanypicsoffood)

Considering that there’s already a tumblr dedicated to this idea, I don’t see why we shouldn’t just throw a pretty filter over it with a witty caption. Asians, including myself, seem to just love taking pictures of their meals, so why not have them be part of the picture too. Seeing their focused faces, steady hands, and various, artsy angles would be just as fun to capture.


AYCE KBBQ Plates (@lookatalltheseplates)

In Los Angeles, the amount of all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurants is kind of ridiculous. More ridiculous is probably the amount of meat that your group of friends can eat in one sitting. We’ve all seen those pictures of the meat prettily arranged on the grill, but what if someone started instagramming the stack of finished plates next to the grill? It would be like a competition of who could eat the most plates and you could even hashtag a number 1 to 10 of how much you regret eating all that meat.  

Photo by Irene Hu

Minimalist Cooking Man (@microwavemasterchef)

The cooking world has gotten fancier and fancier with methods such as molecular gastronomy (whatever that is), so an Instagram account dedicated to making meals without the use of a stove (and source of fire) would be a great contrast. How creative can you get with the microwave? Microwaveable food – get ready for your spotlight.


Color Based Instagrams (@onlypurplefoodallowed)

People say you always eat with your eyes first. As a person who loves to color-code, there should be various instagrams that have dishes that contain only one color. That means every ingredient on the plate should be red or blue or purple. For this, it’s probably better to stick to eating with your eyes since the dish might not taste that great if your only options are eggplant, red cabbage (yes, it’s purple), beats, grapes, and plums. Color dye would be extremely helpful here, but it’s kind of cheating.

Damn it, I ate this last night? (@blackoutfoodie)

We all have those mornings when you either find that receipt from McDonald’s (two orders of fries, a McFlurry, and a 20 piece chicken nugget order) or your friend tells you how you just wouldn’t leave Chano’s until you finished your carne asada fries. Instagramming your late night snacks after a fun night out would be a great way to track your intake of drunchies. The only problem would be if you’re intoxicated, I don’t think your number one priority is taking out your phone to snap a picture of the food right in front of you waiting to be demolished.