There’s (hopefully) no longer snow on the ground in Ann Arbor, aka spring is upon us. And that only means one thing: Hash Bash. Held on the first Saturday of every April, the festivities start at High Noon and go pretty much the rest of the day, ending at the Monroe Street Festival. If you’re feeling hungry from smoking too much OG Kush (it’s just an expression…) here are the best places to enjoy another type of delicious hash during the legendary Hash Bash.

1. Fleetwood Diner

hash bash

Photo by Julie Mirliss

You should probably order the Hippie Hash. After all, it’s Hash Bash, so live it up like it’s 1972. (#SpoonHistory: 1972 was the year of the inaugural Hash Bash).

2. Sava’s

hash bash

Photo courtesy of @hungry_hungover on Instagram

Sava’s is lit, and arguably the best restaurant on South State. Try their bandito hash. Just do it.

3. Zingerman’s Deli

Photo courtesy of Zingerman’s

If you want to schlep all the way to Kerrytown, Zingerman’s never disappoints. #420 is the vegetarian hash, and #444 is the corned beef hash. #SpoonTip: Grab a Buenos Aires Dulce de Leche brownie at the cash register. (Even though it says “magic brownie” on the label, this ain’t no Alice B. Toklas. But it’s still fire, nonetheless.)

3. aMa Bistro

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Get the corned beef hash here. It’s an easy walk from the festivities in the Diag, and reasonable price for the dankies. #winning

4. Angelo’s

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This one is also a schlep, but it’s so worth the walk (and wait). The corned beef hash is what you should get, but everything else on the menu will leave you as satisfied as a hit of Sour Diesel.

So whether you’re down with hash or not, or even if you’re not even planning on partaking in Hash Bash festivities, you should definitely check these places out if you haven’t been already. But anyways, we’ll see you at High Noon in the Diag. #TokeUp

hash bash

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