Are you tired of the same boring meals? Want to change things up but don’t know how? We got you. Coconut water is the best way to give your life a tropical twist. Not only is coconut water tasty and hydrating, it is also full of antioxidants and electrolytes. Check out these five ways to sweeten your favorite dishes up with coconut water:

1. Smoothies


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Start your day fresh by whipping up a delicious (and nutritious) smoothie. Add your choice of fruit, protein (peanut butter or almond butter), and coconut water to a blender and you’ll have a delicious drink within minutes. The coconut water replaces yogurt, milk, or juice for a more nutritious and dairy-free beverage. Here’s what I put in my smoothie every morning.

2. Cocktails


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If you are looking to cut down on empty calories, coconut water is the answer. Not only is coconut water low calorie, but it is super hydrating and will thus ward off any hangovers that might come your way. Next time you go out, swap your sugar-laden mixers for coconut water. Simply add a splash of coconut water to your whiskey to sweeten up a strong drink, or try these recipes for a sweet sangria or refreshing limoncello. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Açaí bowls


Photo by Celeste Ferré

Blend an açaí packet with your choice of fruit and add a cup of coconut water. Not only are açaí bowls beyond delicious, but açaí and coconut water are two superfoods that will give you the boost you need to power through a rough day.

4. Salad Dressings


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Coconut water is the perfect alternative to your standard salad dressings. Not only is it much healthier, but to me, there is nothing better than a hint of sweetness in any salad. Contrary to what many people believe, it much easier, healthier and cheaper to make your own vinaigrettes than buying the prepackaged ones. Don’t know where to start? Check out this recipe.

5. Marinades


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You can really use coconut water to cook anything. Try using it to give a nice tang to rice, seafood, chicken, or any type of meat. It’s a great way to change things up and a new depth of flavor to your dishes. This is one of my favorite recipes.