Tips from the man himself; the true devil in the kitchen Gordon Ramsay. From what we know and what he yells, here are some of the biggest and baddest tips that any beginner or advanced cook should know.

1. Don’t be a cry baby when cutting onions

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Onions, as potent as they may be in flavour, remain one of the most emotionally draining vegetables (lol). The best thing to do is to keep the root end of the onion connected so that the acidity isn’t released.

2. How to make the perfect steak

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Be cool. When heating up the BBQ, take the steak out of the fridge and let rest at room temperature for 15-20 mins. Rub the steak with oil and immediately place on high heat BBQ or pan.

3. Keep your station clean

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In order to keep your cool while chopping and slicing, keep a bowl next to you in order to keep the station clean. Leave it up to my girl Rachael Ray to brand nothing but that… a bowl branded especially for waste.

4. How to make perfect pancakes


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For fluffier pancakes, try (ugh I know it is hard) to let the batter rest for at least 15 minutes. To make it even better, make these coconut pancakes to truly channel your inner Mr. Ramsay.

5. How to perfect your pasta

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In order to prevent bland, dry, and straight up rank pasta, add salt to the boiling water to amp up the flavour. Remain patient, my friends. Allow the water to come to a full boil before adding pasta and seasoning.

So take it as you will, but no matter what you say about any of these categories… Ramsay will be sure to come back with a response that truly speaks his mind.